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Biology £289.00

New Approaches for Successful Maths and Practical Skills in A level Biology

London | Wednesday 04 March 2020
London | Wednesday 10 June 2020

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Biology £269.00

How to be a brilliant A-level Biology teacher

London | Wednesday 25 March 2020

London | Tuesday 09 June 2020


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Biology £269.00

Teaching A-level Biology for the First Time

London | Thursday 23 April 2020
London | Thursday 09 July 2020


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Biology £269.00

Teaching AQA A level Biology Papers 1 and 2

ABOUT THIS COURSE Significant changes in the new A level Biology  specifications include an increase in the  levels of maths being assessed, and new approaches to the testing of practical skills. Recent results show that student performance in these areas remains weak; despite their Maths GCSE and practical experiences in Science at GCSE, many students