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Speaking to the Telegraph, former leading head, Sir Anthony Seldon has argued that schools which place wellbeing at the forefront of their improvement agenda, ‘perform better academically compared with schools that are simply “exam factories”’.

Victor Allen, Behaviour and Leadership Specialist, has worked with schools to successfully implement the Salutogenic model in developing and maintaining the mental and physical health of staff and students.

Focusing on the three Ms, the focus of Salutogenics, a term coined by sociologist and academic, Aaron, Antonovsky, is to equip individuals with strategies which increase resilience; working to a set model, that all aspects of our lives are manageable and that we can find meaning in what we are doing.

Individuals who are able to use these three aspects as a way of living experience a sense of coherence. This way of thinking, provides resilience in stressful situations as we are able to build up a bank of positive resources that we can use and reuse when things become more challenging. The more we successfully overcome stressful situations, the more the positive resources at our disposal grow, and consequently, the better we become at dealing with stressors; all of which leads to better overall health and wellbeing.

Allen will be speaking, with Anthony Lyne, at Keynote’s inaugural Wellbeing & Achievement conference, London, 18 November 2016, on how the Salutogenic model can be adopted with staff and students, as well as how Bolsover School has implemented the Salutogenic model to successfully improve wellbeing and achievement across the school.

Click here for more details of the Wellbeing and Achievement Conference packed with high profile speakers, case studies and practical approaches to maximising progress.


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