Mental Health and Wellbeing
Developing a Positive Mindset to Promote Academic Success

A popular INSET day choice, designed for all teachers responsible for supporting student’s academic success and positive wellbeing. It is a practically based INSET, which will provide teachers with techniques and approaches that they can use immediately with students to deal with stress, maintaining positive mental wellbeing, particularly in the run-up to exams.

Sessions could break down as follows:

Session 1 | Examining the research

  • Explore and discuss the research regarding the link between student wellbeing and achievement
  • Discuss – how do we currently support out students’ wellbeing during exam time?
  • Explore examples of whole school approaches

Session 2 | Practical approaches to supporting students with managing stress

  • Practically explore effective tools that can be used immediately to support students with stress during high pressure times in particular during exam preparation

Session 3 | Planning session = examiner practical and creative ways of integrating this technique into lessons and across the curriculum

Session 4 | How to develop a growth mindset in students so they become capable and resilient when faced with challenges

  • How to conduce 1:1 conversations
  • Explore scaling and solution focused approaches
  • Effective questioning and identifying ways forward for a coachee
  • Practice Progressive Muscular Relaxation as a way to aid relaxation and support wellbeing
Recent INSET Days
  • Understanding the detail of the impact of 9-1 grading
  • Working to a consistency across departments in high standard teaching, learning and attainment
  • Working with vulnerable students and student groups
  • Analysing and monitoring pupil progress for the 9-1 GCSEs/ new linear A levels
  • Empowering teachers to take control of their workload, reduction approaches