Running a student conference in your school

No, the student conference can be tailored to meet your student’s needs. Once a date has been agreed with the presenter(s) of the conference you can discuss with them the specific content of the day.

We run student conferences for 20-700 students. You can have as many students as you can accommodate in your school facilities.

Yes, you can either have two presenters and split the cohort for the entire day, or have one presenter for the morning with one group and the afternoon with the second group.

No, the price quoted to you includes all preparation and organisation costs, fees and travel expenses, and all printing of workpacks and delivery to your school or college. There are no hidden extras.

Yes, we encourage you to open the conference out to local schools. This makes the conference even more cost effective the more students you have. We also offer regional training solutions, you could be a host school for a student conference in your local area.