Film Studies

The ever evolving subject of Film Studies has enjoyed a rapid increase of popularity over the last decade and now stands in its own right outside of traditional Media Studies. Created in collaboration with Acclaimed Film Educator Chris Warrington, these courses vary in scope encapsulating the both the wide and niche aspects of Eduqas Film Studies.

To reflect the diversity of those who take the subject, our courses are of use for teachers both new and experienced, wanting to assist students in obtaining the highest grades or securing passes for lower attainers. Specialist courses such as “Going beyond the core” provide guidance on key texts and approaches within the classroom as well as a focus on the granular way in which these concepts can be written about effectively in the exam.

“Excellence in scriptwriting” sets out an effective iterative process of producing the script, through a clear stepped program of teaching approaches as well as guiding students on the important practical formal aspects of writing an effective screenplay.