Student Revision Sessions

We offer A Level, GCSE and BTEC tailored sessions in school for over 21 different curriculum areas.

These sessions can be anything from small groups of 1-5 to whole cohorts up 400 students, and of course teachers are welcome to attend.

Sessions are tailored and bespoke covering a range of subject areas including English, Maths, Science, Languages, PE, Humanities and Performing and Creative Arts, and focus on your own school priorities or adapted from any of our existing courses.

Each session can be tailored in length to suit and are available during term time, at key assessment points, holidays and weekends. Sessions can even be split over a number of days or be separated into different ability levels over the course of the day.

You can book one subject or several to make up a day’s programme. Discounts are available for multiple bookings.

Sessions could include:

  • In depth knowledge of exam skills, specific exam texts, question styles
  • Revision skills, analysis of exam material and sample answers.
  • Challenging high achieving students
  • Motivation for low ability students
  • Oxbridge applications and interview skills.

How to book your student or teacher session

If you are interested in booking and want to discuss the specifics for your bespoke session for your students, please call Jonathan or Adam on 01625 532974 or email with your request and will we get back to you within 24 hours.

Discounts available for multiple student bookings

10% discount for bookings in multiple curriculum areas.

Most common bookings are across English, Maths, Science, PE and Psychology.



We offer a wide variety of teacher specific in-schools which cover all teacher levels from ECT’s to Senior Leaders.

These can be arranged to support 1-1, small groups, departments, leadership teams and whole school.

Sessions can be tailored to your own training needs or adapted from any of our scheduled day courses.

Sessions can be tailored to your own training needs or adapted from any of our scheduled one-day courses, such as aspiring to leadership, raising the attainment of specific student groups, exam focusses and question types or refreshed revision approaches.

We also offer bespoke whole school staff development days centred around key issues raised from the school development plan or wider issues affecting education. Areas may include implementing the latest from the KCSiE report, handling diversity sensitively across the school,  staff and student mental health and wellbeing or developing teacher training for ECT’s.

Exam marking services:

Teacher services also include exam paper production, mock marking and examiner feedback sessions for both A Level and GCSE.

Benefits include:

  • We provide Impartial and unbiased marking and feedback from our team of expert examiners.
  • We can highlight of individual and cohort area for improvement.
  • We help to relieve the burden of marking
  • We provide moderation of marking to really help staff understand the standards and objectives.
  • Give your school a chance of improving grades whilst easing staff workload.
  • We can write in-house exam papers which are bespoke to your school.

If you are interested any of these services please do get in touch to discuss.

See what our schools have said about our student sessions:

St Olaves Grammar School in Torquay have been booking our valuable and worthwhile student revision since 2019. The school have really benefited from simulating sessions led by current examiners in a range of subjects across A Level and GCSE including German and revision skills for the more able. Laura Probobdziak has said:

This was an excellent event with a highly experienced examiner who provided covered the content requested. The examiner was very Knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive when delivering this event. Our students found it a very beneficial learning experience and the support provided them with the boost that they needed in the run up to the exams.”

See what our schools have said about our Teacher sessions:

Newham College regularly book our teacher CPD sessions in school to develop pedagogical approaches in order to raise attainment of their pupils. Over the last six months they have booked tailored sessions in Politics, Philosophy, classics, RS, Geography, History and Spanish with more to come in the upcoming academic year. Here is what Simon Birchall had to say:

Sessions are thought-provoking, inspiring, extremely useful, varied and rich. Course leaders show excellent breadth of knowledge and experience which is then passed through to our staff in order to raise attainment and engagement.”