Tailored In-School Sessions

At Keynote, we bring an interactive, vibrant and exciting edge to our tailored in school sessions

Student In-Schools

It can be tough being a student, especially come exam time. That’s why their peace of mind is at the centre of our Student In-school Sessions.

Adding another layer of security to the fantastic work of teachers, these sessions offer a combination of high impact revision strategies, new approaches to common hurdles and a plethora of tips and tricks; all led by our revered expert examiners.

Give your students the gift of confidence by booking one of our Student In-school Sessions today.

Teacher In-Schools

At Keynote we know just how diligently teachers prepare for their students success, and it’s with this in mind that we have developed our tailored In-school Teacher Sessions.

Targeting your specific needs however diverse, we’ll employ a combination of expertise and insights to provide you with a road map to peace of mind.

Our expert examiners will assist you to leave no stone unturned in creating a water-tight strategy to inform your assessment planning and best practice.

So whether it’s satisfying Ofsted expectations, exam preparation, raising attainment or leading a department, feel the security and confidence that comes when you book a tailored In-school Teacher Session.

Our Tailoring Process

3 quick and easy steps – 24 hour turnaround

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Phone us to discuss your tailored session

Provide us with a date and your requirements, we’ll give you a quote immediately

We’ll organise everything for you and match you with a specialist speaker

We Cover All Main Exam Boards

Whole School Support

We offer a wide range of options, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs as a school.


  • Energising Your Students Post-Covid – healthy habits, regaining focus, strong well being
  • Safeguarding
  • Social-Emotional Learning/Emotional Data and it’s impact on academic achievement
  • Range of new leadership and aspiring leadership key areas
  • Range of new sessions for NQTs and NQT mentors
  • Decolonisation
  • Ofsted Post-Covid
  • Energising your staff post-covid
  • Teaching & Learning – practical approaches and strategies tailored to enhance performance for different groups of students

Teacher Courses

Teacher courses are the backbone of what we do best. Exclusively crafted and led by expert-examiners with decades of knowledge and evidenced best practice. We respect teachers so it’s no surprise we take their CPD seriously.

Each course is defined by its focus on new approaches and high impact strategies to enhance student attainment that you can implement in your classroom today. From achieving A/A* grades, raising attainment, preparing students for exams or expert insights into specific papers – we have the course for you.

Mocks, Marking and Examiner Service

We provide two signature mock services:

  • Mock, Marking and Examiner (MME)

In this service our expert examiner will set the GCSE / A Level paper, mark it and then delivery a feedback session based on the averaged results.

  • Walking and talking

Here our examiner will replicate exam conditions, allow students to answer one-two questions then offer individualised advice.