Keynote Educational is offering two new mock services to support students in maximising their potential and encouraging students to achieve the highest grades. With over 20 subjects covered, our mock services are a popular choice for schools looking at a unique, in depth session that provide insights from current examiners.

Walking - Talking Mock Sessions

Teenage Students In Uniform Sitting Examination In School Hall

Keynote Educational has launched the new, interactive “Walking – Talking” Mock service that supports your students in gaining a deeper understanding of what is expected of them when answering exam questions. The “Walking – Talking” Mock sessions will take place in schools and be guided by an expert examiner. Schools will set the exam questions to students to create their answers within the session. The examiner will guide them through key points by offering key advice and practical guidance that students can only obtain through a current, senior examiner.

  • Choose from over 20 GCSE and A Level subjects covering various exam boards

  • Give your students valuable insight from a current examiner as to what examiners are looking for in exam answers

  • Students can interact directly with an examiner and gather specific information over areas of concern they may have

  • Students will gain new techniques and practical guidance in answering high mark exam questions

  • No travel required and minimal disruption to the school day while providing a memorable experience for students

  • Students walk away with in depth feedback and a comprehensive set of notes guided by a current examiner

Mock, Marking, Examiner and Feedback Sessions


Keynote Educational has launched the Mocks, Marking, Examiner and Feedback Sessions for GCSE and A Level students. This service has been created to develop student capabilities and confidence in answering exam questions and recognizing any flaws or improvements that could be made. Students will take a mock exam which will then be sent externally to us. Keynote will then facilitate the marking of the paper externally and deliver the marked exam back to the school for teachers and students to analyse and thus offering key insights. The examiner will then take a follow up session in your school to provide further face to face analysis.