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Our superb NEW Outstanding Department Attainment support makes sure that the teaching and learning within your department is excellent.

Our subject-specific experts visit your school, work directly with teachers on an individual basis or with a cohort of teachers within one department or across several departments, depending upon the nature of the focus area.

Because of their level of experience, our experts can make a deep and sustained impact. They can be actively involved at all levels, from evaluating and assessing data, progress, vulnerable groups and so on, to actively involved with teachers demonstrating and guiding what works.  They are all hugely experienced practitioners who understand your issues, how to resolve them and how to get all of your team to support changes.

They can work on a 1:1 basis with individual teachers or as a department group. They can also work within one department or across several departments on the more generic aspects of the training.

The training can be as little as one intensive day, or over 3 – 4 days.  It can be over an intense period of one week, or longer over two – three weeks.

A trainer can work with more than one department at a time.  For example, if a trainer was working with 3 departments, each on different issues, those 3 departments could convene for some sessions, such as Progress and Attainment 8.

How Keynote can help
There are a number of ways in which we can help, here are some, listed below.

A significant benefit of the training is that you choose the training content, the areas you wish to focus on, tailored to suit your priorities and the priorities of your students and department

  • Assisting in raising the levels of attainment at GCSE and A level across the department
  • Increase your teams’ confidence in teaching A level/GCSE post exam results
  • Working on accurate, current, robust data and standards Performance Management work on an individual 1: 1 basis
  • Subject and Department specific 9 – 1 grading for GCSE and how to plan properly.
  • Metacognition at department level – ensuring teachers and middle leaders understand and can implement it properly
  • Best ways to implement whole school T & L plans successfully in each department
  • Identifying the need for CPD which has long-term success, including coaching in the department
  • Effective, high level teaching approaches and strategies which work with different groups of students including vulnerable students and high ability students
  • Working on ways to maximise the Pupil Premium outcomes for students in your department who are entitled to this funding
  • Understanding mark schemes, 2018 exam results and moving forward to achieve success in 2019 exams

The process

  • Discuss your concerns and priorities with a member of Keynote INSET team – a team of educational experts with whom you can speak freely  regarding specific t & l or department concerns
  • Confirm service level Agreement the support that Keynote will provide, including number of days
  • Trainer discusses with you in detail the key issues, current situation, impact looked for and outcome, along with the procedure, tailored to individual or group needs
  • Trainer visits your department and provides the support, guidance, recommendations and suggested actions, in your preferred timeframe

How to prepare before your first training day

  • School contacts Keynote to discuss the training they are looking for in a particular department, or across several departments.
  • Service level Agreement between Keynote and the school is put in place
  • Prior to the start of training, the school and trainer communicate directly by either phone or email to discuss in detail and prepare fully

A practical example of a training programme
Example: Design & Technology Department – 3 day training

  • The Focus:  The school is concerned that their D & T department is not performing to the same standard as other departments; they are concerned about weak teaching and consistency across the department too.Action: To work in partnership with the department to bring about robust improvement in the quality of teaching, learning and consequent progress of all students into rapid effect

Pre- Day 1            

  • Discussion, Agreement, Preparation

Day 1                       

  • Training/Work begins, discussion, action, reflection, feedback, recommendations
  • Email contact enabling ongoing discussion regarding training focus, lesson planning, teaching examination technique, working to ensure students don’t slip

Day 2

  • Training/Work continues based on the above
  • Further feedback and recommendations for development are provided

Day 3

  • Final training half-day session, followed by full feedback, outcomes and success discussed, review date fixed

Benefits for your school

  • Raise your standards of attainment by at least one grade.
  • Bring in expertise into your school to work with, enhance, network, with your staff
  • Gain high quality teaching approaches and practical strategies tailored especially to the specific needs of your students,  departments and school
  • Benefit from expert subject specific  practitioners working at detailed subject specific level at KS3, GCSE and A level
  • Develop confidence in your subject school profile

Why trust Keynote

  • We are known for our expertise and long-standing, high reputation in education
  • We are also known for the quality of our expert practitioners who lead the subject specific courses and student revision conferences
  • Over 3000 schools have received training from us so far this year
  • We train over 12,000 teachers a year with a team of over 850 course leaders

To express interest, please give us a ring at 01625 416 882 or send us an email at