Modern Languages

Our updated student revision conferences for 2022 cover French, Spanish and German and provide valuable insight into both a Level and GCSE examinations.

Created by our team of current expert examiners, these conferences offer valuable vital insights in to succeeding in the Language exams through high quality revision strategies, guidance and examples of how to approach each question type.

Student conferences can be booked as an in-school and tailored to your student’s needs.

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Code: 8843


A-Level French Student Conference

Thursday 24th March 2022

Code: 8844


A-Level Spanish Student Conference

Thursday 10 March 2022

Code: 8846


GCSE German Student Conference

London | Friday 14 January 2022

Code: 8845


GCSE French Student Conference

London | Friday 18th March 2022

Code: 8847


GCSE Spanish Student Conference

Friday 25 March 2022