A Level History Conference: The Making of Modern Britain 1951 – 2007

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This enriching, valuable and highly informative day will give students opportunity to hear from world class speakers Dr Michael Lynch and Professor Glen O’Hara who will be leading sessions focusing on Modern Britain 1951 – 2007.

A Level History senior examiner, teacher and author, Dr Keith Milne will be leading the Examiner sessions, giving students valuable advice, techniques and key tips on how they can produce answers of the highest quality to attain grades A/A* in questions on this specific period Russia: Revolution and Dictatorship 1917 – 1953.

The conference is based on the AQA Depth specification but will be of benefit to students from all examination boards studying this period of Modern Britain.


  • Experience a unique, enriching and highly informative day hearing presentations from leading historians and an expert senior examiner on this specific 1951 – 2007 period
  • Enhance understanding of key themes and topics, all linked directly to the exam papers
  • Take away top level grade booster guidance from a senior examiner
  • Get the latest, up-to-date information from historians to strengthen exam responses.
  • Take away a full set of conference revision notes, with examination tips and example answers


Welcome and Introduction

10.25 – 10.35am

The Affluent Society, 1951 – 1964

10.35 – 11.05am
  • How far did British reflect continued decline in the years 1951 to 1964?
  • How far did ‘affluence’ reshape Britain in the years 1951 to 1964?
  • To what extent did the period represent ‘thirteen wasted’ years?

The Sixties & The end of Post-War Consensus, 1964 – 1979

11.05 – 11.40am
  • How far was Stop Go Economics the key reason for Britain’s economic troubles?
  • To what extent did the labour administration 1964 to 1970 transform Britain?
  • How far did the environmental and the feminist movements enact a social revolution?
  • To what extent was Heath’s government one of consistent failure?
  • To what extent were the problems facing Callaghan entirely of the Labour party’s own making?

Break – submit your questions on Modern British History to our expert panel

11.40 – 12.00pm

Examiner Workshop: Achieving Success in Source Questions

12.00 – 12.30pm
  • Evaluating Question 01 on the Britain 1951 to 2007 paper
  • The importance of knowing what to look for in value.
  • The ‘ideal’ structure and the ‘perfect’ start with exemplars
  • How to deal with provenance and move beyond simply adding detail
  • What was done well and what less so in 2022 on this paper


12.30 – 1.15pm

Ask the Experts – the experts answer the best questions submitted by the students – the best question wins a prize!

1.15 – 1.25pm

The Impact of Thatcherism, 1979 – 1987

1.25 – 2.00pm
  • To what extent was the Conservative Party led by Thatcher pro-Europe in outlook and in action?
  • How far was there an economic miracle in the years 1983 to 1987?
  • To what extent did society benefit from Thatcher’s rule?
  • How far was the Falklands Crisis the key turning point in British foreign policy in the years 1979 to 1987?

Examiner Session: writing the ‘perfect’ essay

2.00 – 2.15pm
  • Exactly what should be done to achieve the higher levels and to extend student performance when discussing Thatcher’s Britain
  • The ideal essay structure and how it drives an excellent, consistent judgement
  • Practical direction on how to integrate knowledge about Thatcher’s Britain into an argument.
  • Writing an outstanding introduction and using balance to go beyond description
  • ACTIVITY: A comparison of the best and the average responses from 2022.

The Fall of Thatcher and the Rise of New Labour 1987 – 2007

2.15 – 3.00pm
  • How far was Thatcher’s fall a result of her own mistakes?
  • To what extent was John Major in power as a result of his leadership ability?
  • How far was the Good Friday agreement Blair’s greatest achievement?
  • To what extent was there a transformation of British Society in the years 1997 to 2007?

Examiner Session: Aiming High: Accessing the A/A* Grades

3.00 – 3.20pm
  • How to move from Level 4 to Level 5 in both essays and sources
  • Proven revision techniques that save time and maximise grades
  • What Does an A* answer look like and how to indicate to examiners that this is what you have produced.

Close and Depart.



London | Wednesday 08 March 2023

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Dr Michael Lynch is an honorary fellow in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Leicester. He is a prolific writer for the school market; thousands of students will have encountered his detailed but accessible textbooks. His areas of interest and expertise include Nazi Germany, Mao’s China and Stalinist Russia.

Dr Keith Milne has over 25 years teaching and examining experience. He is a Senior Moderator and examiner with a major exam board and has authored and advised on a series of popular books including those detailing how to succeed with the NEA. He leads a number of courses exploring the routes to success at A Level History.

Professor Glen O’Hara is Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at Oxford Brookes University. He is a prolific writer on modern Britain as books, book chapters and articles. His teaching areas concern governance and national identity in modern Britain, both in it’s domestic and international aspects.


  • A Specially prepared notes, practical advice and guidance by the course leader
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance

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