Achieving grades A*/A (7-9) in CIE History IGCSE


Achieving grades A*/A (7-9) in CIE History IGCSE


Tuesday 20 April 2021
Monday 12 July 2021


Tuesday 20 April 2021
Monday 12 July 2021

CODE: 8475


This course is designed to help students of CIE IGCSE History reach their full potential and show what is required to attain the top grades. The course will focus on what is required to gain top levels in examination questions and how you can effectively do this in the exam. There will be guidance on how to analyse sources and interpretations effectively and how to use that technique, combined with their knowledge, to reach the very top grades. The course will also look at ways to write effective essays in the time allowed.


  • Increased understanding of classroom strategies to help boost exam performance and achieve grades 7-9 or A*A.
  • Practical ideas on how to structure answers, particularly tricky ones
  • Materials and ideas to improve revision


4.00 – 4.05 pm: Welcome and Introduction

4.05 – 4.20pm:  An Overview of the Shaping the Nation Paper  

  • Timings and Question Styles
  • How much to write
  • Essential content
  • What do examiners want to see?

4.20 – 4.40pm: Showing What You Know: Matching Content and Skill                              

  • Nailing the 4 mark questions
  • Developing your answers: the 8- and 12 Mark questions
  • Showing Complex, Evaluative Thinking: when and where

4.40 – 4.50pm: Extending Your Writing to Show Complex Thinking

  • What does “Complex Thinking” look like?
  • How to demonstrate complex thinking in your answers
  • Planning and writing your answers: structure and time management

4.50 – 5.00pm: Making Your Revision Stick                                                                     

  • What to revise
  • How to revise…Planning, Acting and Reviewing
  • When to revise


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Job Title

Head of Department, Subject Teacher, CPD Coordinator

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History, Student Webinar

Course Leader

Dr Paul Johnson