Structuring Essays and Writing Under Pressure – The Student’s Guide


Structuring Essays and Writing Under Pressure – The Student’s Guide


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New Date Coming Soon

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Dr Rachel Knightley helps student build confidence and gain clarify on what a well-structured written answer needs, across the Edexcel English syllabuses. Set yourself clear objectives and improve your results, both in the classroom and under exam pressure. This two-hour course will provide strong, accessible templates to help you address questions and structure clear, effective answers in all your written work


  • Equip yourself with a strong template of questions to ask and address in written answers, in coursework and under examination conditions.
  • Build confidence on the page with strong, clear and focused written answers.
  • Explore and express how to make individual responses to set texts, indentify key words in set questions and write confident answers.
  • Consolidate your knowledge of advanced exam technique, to ensure you maximise your potential.


4.00pm  – 4.45pm:           Strengthening the Foundations: Structuring Essays for Success

  • Identify and address the three key sections of essay templates and how to interrelate them in your answer: introduction, topic paragraphs, conclusion, and how to illustrate a logical, developing argument.
  • Explore ‘small, big changes’ for instantly clarifying a paragraph through sentence control.
  • Deepen responses through ‘What then Why’ templates.

4.45pm – 5.00pm:            Balancing information and analysis

  • Identify and address key issues that affect your written work and how to turn them to your advantage.
  • Explore talking exercises to develop arguments in the classroom and translate them to the page.
  • Utilising topic sentences: how to map out a successful essay in the classroom and replicate the key structural ingredients in the exam room.

5.00pm – 5.30pm:            Good Writing under Exam Pressure

  • Clarify the key points to remember for writing in exam conditions.
  • Making friends with the question: how to help students recognise when they are tempted to stray from the question being asked and how to turn their answer around.
  • Turning initial ideas into great paragraphs: tips, techniques and writing prompts to help the work “write itself” faster and better.

5.30pm: Session ends


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