AQA GCSE English Literature: Paper 1: Achieving Grades 7-9


AQA GCSE English Literature: Paper 1: Achieving Grades 7-9


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Revised in the light of the 2019 exams this NEW AQA English Literature Student Conference focuses keenly on the students who are aiming to get the very highest grades at GCSE. The course will provide students with the skills they require to answer successfully the questions on Shakespeare, the 19th-centuary novel, Modern texts, Poetry and Unseen poetry. The day is fully interactive, with a range of activities, quizzes, on-stage tasks and challenges for students throughout the day. Students will examine quality exam responses to help them perform to their full potential in the summer exams.


  • Gain first-hand guidance, advice and examples for maximizing your grade 7/9 candidates in AQA GCSE English Literature which is especially difficult when you are looking at the top end of results.

  • Each student receives a full workbook to complete on the day and full conference presentations / follow-on materials as electronic resources post-conference. These materials are student friendly terminology and templates for answers at that will allow students to understand how they can reach the very top grades

  • The demands of the questions will be dissected, analyzed and discussed in relation to candidates who are striving to achieve grades 7/9

  • The course will look in to detail at the issues created by the content of papers for these students aiming at getting a passing grade.

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