Becoming an expert teacher of GCSE French 2


Becoming an expert teacher of GCSE French 2


Thursday 10 June 2021


Thursday 10 June 2021

Code: 8160

Session 2: The productive skills


Moving from an effective teacher of GCSE French to an expert teacher is vital for teachers as you can learn how to maximise classroom time to enhance student performance. In this series Stuart shares his insights from teaching and examining to guide you in becoming clearer on how to come over some of perennial challenges of teaching GCSE, and develop your own practice, with ideas, strategies and resources. This is a fully interactive course that will adapt to the needs of its participants.

This session (2 of 2) can be stand alone or form a full course which will enable teachers to learn from previous experience and problems and find solutions which should enable students to make stunning progress and perform at an enhanced level in the examinations.

Both courses in the series can be purchased for £200 or individually at the standard price of £110.

This session focuses on the receptive skills and translation so that students can enhance their performance in these vital and often undervalued skills.

This webinar focuses on the productive skills of writing and speaking and offers suggestions as to how to access the higher grades in these sections of the examination


  • How to avoid the pitfalls in all relevant key skill areas
  • Review best methods for vocabulary acquisition and the teaching of grammar
  • Look at key problems in the productive tasks from a teacher and student viewpoint
  • Consider how to avoid unnecessary errors in speaking and writing
  • Develop higher order skills in relevant aspects of the examination
  • Strategies to support higher ability students to gain top marks


4.00.00- 4.05 Welcome and Introduction

4.05-4.40 Maximising marks in writing                  

  • Tips for students in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and accuracy
  • Selecting the correct question, keeping to suggested word counts and maximising knowledge
  • Finding out how to impress the examiner- looking at range, complexity and accuracy where relevant

4.40-5.20 Maximising marks in speaking                                              

  • Developing spontaneous speech and looking at classroom practice. For example, encouraging spontaneity by using games and more engaging tasks
  • Answering every aspect of the speaking test with confidence. Ensuring that role plays are succinct and that responses to photo cards are developed where necessary.
  • Finding out how to impress the examiner and get the top grade, particularly in the general conversation where a balance between accuracy, spontaneity and depth of response is required

5.20- 5.30

Questions and review

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