Greek Religion Scholarship – A Level Classical Civilisation


Greek Religion Scholarship – A Level Classical Civilisation


Online | Tuesday 02 November 2021


Date:Online | Tuesday 02 November 2021

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This webinar will discuss some of the key areas of scholarly debate surrounding Greek Religion and consider the different academic interpretations of the polis and Greek sanctuaries. One of the biggest challenge of the new Classical Civilisation A level is teaching and supporting students with deploying modern scholarship. This webinar will outline effective teaching approaches to modern scholarship, how to embed scholarship within the curriculum and how to effectively support students to use scholarship in 30 mark exam questions.


  • A Level Classical Civilisation Teachers and Heads of Classics


  • Provide effective take-away ideas of approaches and methods for the teaching of modern scholarship.
  • Develop an understanding of the key academic debates of the Greek Religion unit.
  • Find out what is meant by the mark schemes requirement to engage with ‘scholars and/or academic works’.
  • Look at examples of how modern scholarship has been deployed effectively in 30 mark essays.



4.05-4.10pm: Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome and sound checks for attendees


4.10-4.20pm: Scholary debates within the Greef Religion unit

  • Analysing the key scholary debates within the Greek Religion unit.
  • An overview of the main areas of debate


4.20-4.50pm: Modern Scholarship within the curriculum

  • Embedding scholarship into the curriculum.
  • Teaching scholarship effectively within lessons.
  • Supporting students to engage with scholarship independently.
  • Supporting students to use scholarship successfully within their exam answers


4.50-5.05pm: 30 mark exam question activity

  • Look at examples of how scholarship has been deployed by students in 30 mark essays

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A Level

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Mark Robinson

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Head of Department, Subject Teacher, CPD Coordinator

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Student Webinar

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