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OCR A-Level History: Outstanding Assessment, Marking and Feedback

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This new course focuses on developing a deeper understanding of assessment in OCR A-Level History and provides opportunities to explore strategies to enhance exam performance for all students. The course will enable teachers to develop their understanding and skills needed to assess student responses to the different question types on OCR A-Level History exam papers. The course will also emphasise those teaching and learning strategies which will best facilitate improvement in student performance with a focus on the role of assessment for learning


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the assessment demands in OCR A-Level History
  • Discover what examiners are looking for in top band answers
  • Improve your ability to assess and improve student responses
  • Strengthen your approach to producing high level work for the NEA
  • Take away strategies and approaches to maximise students’ marks in the exams
  • Find out more about how to give the most effective feedback to students

Introduction and the Assessment Criteria

10.00 – 10.30am
  • Develop a critical understanding of exam board assessment standards Gain an appreciation of the precise demands of the exam papers
  • Understand how to use the exam report feedback Assessment objectives and the implications for teaching and learning
  • Creating effective student accessible mark schemes which will ensure enhanced learner engagement and appreciation of assessment criteria.

Effective Assessment of Extract Questions

10.30 – 11.15am
  • Understanding the requirements of extract exercises
  • Approaching interpretations: Identify, assess, evaluate
  • What is meant by “convincing argument”?
  • Analysis of where marks are lost. How your students can avoid missing out on marks
  • Focus on the effective use of annotation
  •  Examine exemplar feedback summation frameworks which facilitate successful student feedback


11.15– 11.30am

Effective Assessment of Source Questions

11.30 – 12.2opm
  •  Understanding the requirements of source exercises What is meant by effective interrogation evaluation? How to produce a convincing argument of value
  • Analysis of where marks are lost. How your students can avoid missing out on marks
  • Focus on the effective use of annotation
  • Examine exemplar feedback summation frameworks which facilitate successful student


12.20 – 1.20pm

Effective Assessment of Essay Questions

1.20 – 2.10pm
  • Gain a working understanding of the concept of placing responses within levels
  • How to instil an appreciation of the differing requirements of breadth and depth essays
  • Enhance understanding of the requirements of higher-level responses to essay questions
  • Selection and application of appropriate knowledge. What is meant by precise knowledge?
  • Using annotations for effective student feedback

Afternoon Break

2.10– 2.15pm

Achieving the highest levels in the Non-Examined Assessment

2.15– 3.00pm
  • The most effective methods of structuring the NEA, how much focus should there be on each Assessment Objective?
  • Getting the most out of sources and interpretations in the context of the NEA
  • How to demonstrate an understanding of the nature of history as a discipline
  • Consideration of what constitutes a fully analytical response
  • Practical guidance on the practicalities of delivering the NEA

Strategies for integrating assessment into examination preparation

3.00 – 3.40pm
  • Developing an effective skills-based curriculum with an emphasis on assessment
  • Strategies for promoting student engagement in the assessment process
  • Maintaining a monitoring strategy which has an impact across the entire course
  • Enabling students to conduct an effective skills audit and set individual targets which will have a measurable impact on performance.


London | Monday 27 November 2023
London | Monday 18 March 2024

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London | Monday 27 November 2023
London | Monday 18 March 2024

This course, tailored to suit, can be delivered in your school. Discuss this further with our CPD team on 01625 532974 or click below to make an enquiry.


Keith Milne has over 25 years teaching and examining experience. He is Chief Moderator with a major exam board and has authored and advised on a series of popular books including those detailing how to succeed with the NEA. He is an experienced Head of History and leads a number of courses exploring the routes to success at A-Level History.


  • Teachers of AQA A-Level History
  • Heads of department
  • Prospective or new teachers of AQA A Level History


  • All teachers of AQA A Level History
  • Teachers looking to improve exam results
  • Heads of History
  • Heads of Humanities

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