Shaping Curriculum Design, Implementation and Impact


Shaping Curriculum Design, Implementation and Impact

Curriculum sessions for Senior Leadership Teams



This new INSET  is designed for Senior Leadership groups starting to reshape their thinking on the curriculum design to adapt to the radical change of approach needed, and to re-evaluate how a changed curriculum will function within their school.

The  sessions will focus on practical strategies for developing curriculum expertise across all departments, training middle leaders to take responsibility, and focussing on implementing a redesigned planned and sequenced curriculum in the classroom which leaders to long term real learning, progress and achievement.

The programme below is designed as a half-day, but can be tailored, extended and so on   to suit your priorities.

It is designed for senior leadership teams, but also would work well as sessions for senior and middle leaders working together.


Session 1: Powerful Curriculum Thinking:

  • What is the purpose of your curriculum?
  • Does your curriculum reflect your values?
  • Can all staff articulate this?
  • What is the senior leader’s role in curriculum design, developments and implementation?
  • What are the implications of the new Ofsted EIF for the future of the school curriculum?

 Session 2: Developing Curriculum Thinking Across the School

  • How do we create a clear and coherent rationale for curriculum design and review?
  • Intent, implementation, impact,: how to review your curriculum against these key drivers
  • Developing curriculum thinking across your school
  • How do we develop curriculum expertise across all departments –training middle leaders to take responsibility
  • Planning for sequences of lessons
  • What are the potential problems?
  • How can we ensure that all students, especially from disadvantages backgrounds, have full access to the curriculum?

Session 3: Implementing the Curriculum in Subject Departments

  • How to support departments in implementing the curriculum in individual disciplines
  • Key areas for departments to work out to re-evaluate, and redesign their curriculum
  • Questions – Is there a well thought out progression through the curriculum, through the years?
  • How do middle leaders plan and sequence their curriculum to ensure pupils’ progression over time
  • Can all members of the team articulate this?
  • Creating a clear and coherent rational for curriculum design and review

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