Teaching GCSE German Effectively: Achieving higher levels in Speaking and Writing (1 of 2))


Teaching GCSE German Effectively: Achieving higher levels in Speaking and Writing (1 of 2))


Wednesday 28 April 2021
Tuesday 15 June 2021


Wednesday 28 April 2021
Tuesday 15 June 2021

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Session 1: GCSE Foundation and Higher German speaking


ABOUT THIS COURSE:  This is Session 1 of a series of 2 webinars.

This is Session 1 of a series of 2 webinars. The course highlights priorities for planning and classroom practice, drilling down to lesson level activities and approaches. It gives insights into how teachers can use their knowledge of how the writing and speaking elements of the course can reinforce each other efficiently, bringing overall coherence to their teaching to create more confident and able students.

It is suitable for anyone just starting to teach, in the first years of teaching German GCSE, or wanting to enhance their confidence in their teaching of GCSE German. The main focus will be on the AQA specification, with ideas transferable to other exam boards.

Can be bought as a single session £110 or as a series at £200.


  • Provide teachers of GCSE German with ideas and confidence to teach different components of the course effectively.
  • Explore the implications of teaching classes speaking and writing skills when there are differing levels of ability in the same class.
  • Enhance their confidence in planning and creating engaging lessons.
  • Gain insight into how to best interpret and respond to the AQA mark schemes.

This particular session will focus on speaking.


  • NQTs in German.
  • Teachers aiming to teach German GCSE in the future or who have just started teaching GCSE for the first time.
  • Teachers who want to enhance their confidence in teaching German GCSE and improve the learning of their students.


16.00 Welcome and Introduction to GCSE German teaching.

A round up of some of the challenges it presents.

16.05 Encouraging speaking at every opportunity:

  • Building graphemes and phonics into lessons to perfect pronunciation and improve spelling
  • Exploiting listening and reading tasks to facilitate speaking
  • Speaking in every lesson – ‘fun’ tasks which engage students

16.30 Drilling and ‘hooks’ to build fluency and range:

  • Nailing the 3 tenses
  • FORO/FORT – giving students a pattern to meet the need for 3 developments
  • UNICORN – a way to improve range and extend (especially higher ability)

16.45 Role-play and photo-card:

  • How to use that 12 minutes planning time best and to practise this skill in class
  • The role play – tips and techniques, key words and the handling of the ! and ? aspects
  • Photocard – understanding the mark scheme and aiming for the top bands

17.00 General conversation:

  • Building a bank of question types topic by topic
  • How to use the questions in and out of class so students feel confident
  • Their chosen theme – what to choose and how to practise for the exam

17.15 – 17.30 Time for questions and discussion.

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