With the internet awash with resources and CPD courses; everyone offering online experiences, it is difficult to be sure of the quality of what you might be tuning in to, especially when it comes to science courses. That’s where Keynote have done the hard work for you, by researching and curating courses that guarantee quality. Leaders are carefully matched to course titles to provide authoritative, accurate and up to date information, teaching strategies and exam knowledge in the context of Science.

Evidence supports the value of subject specific professional development, but more importantly needs to match your needs, so we have created detailed programme descriptions to help you pick the right courses for yourself.

This autumn will be unprecedented; connecting with other subject specialists, to help refocus, refresh and share solutions to challenges will be more important than ever. Our science courses will be working with you to navigate through these challenges. They have been revised and expanded to offer both face to face opportunities and an increased range of student and teacher online courses. We remain as agile and responsive as ever; any courses in the autumn will be converted to an online experience should guidelines prevent them from running.

Finally don’t forget that we can also tailor courses for in-school, or even create bespoke courses to meet a specific need, so if you can’t see what you want in our portfolio of courses or want to discuss in school options, contact us here

Science courses cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics