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Curriculum INSET Opportunities

Reshaping thinking on the curriculum, re-evaluating your curriculum and developing curriculum expertise at both senior leadership and subject discipline level will be challenging, but exciting work which should open up new opportunities, ultimately in the standard and quality of education for our students.

Following some excellent sessions in our recent Curriculum Conference from leading experts including Professor Tim Cain, Shaun Allison, Matt Bromley, Matthew Purves (Ofsted), we’ve put together with our experts well informed programmes on reshaping curriculum thinking and implementing new curricula for in-school work to support you and your staff.

The programmes are designed for practical, exploratory work, reshaping thinking, re-evaluating, as well as working on implementing a redesigned, planned and sequenced curriculum in the classroom which leads to long term real learning, progress and achievement. They can be half-days or full days, whole school or in individual departments in implementing individual curriculum disciplines. 

Designing Your Curriculum

  • What is the purpose of your curriculum?
  • What are it’s values?
  • What is the power of a Core Question Approach?
  • How to balance the relationship between the curriculum, as a body of knowledge and its implementation in the classroom?
  • How to plan and sequence a curriculum to ensure pupils’ progression over time?

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At Keynote, we know just how challenging and rewarding educational leadership is. No two leaders are the same and as such we offer a diverse range of high quality courses focused on key issues at the heart of best practice.

Our provision encompasses dynamic courses spanning areas such as Leadership, Mental Health, Safeguarding, Ofsted, Curriculum and many more.

Signature to each distinct course is the delivery of them by a recognised leading practitioner, demonstrating practical strategies at the forefront of contemporary topics, trends, issues and innovations within the sector.

Contact us to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

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