In School Student Revision

We deliver A Level and GCSE student revision conferences for the full curriculum range, including all major exam boards and brand new specifications.

Benefits of in-school conferences

  • Interactive, full day or half day created and delivered by subject specialists
  • Expert examiners who will inspire your students with first hand advice and guidance on how to raise their examination grades
  • Benefit from the conference structure flexibility
  • Accessibility of face to face speaker interaction and opportunity to ask questions directly to examiners
  • Students will take away a full set of revision notes, tips and key points
  • Achieve excellent value for money by sharing the costs with your partner schools

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Take the lead and host a Student Conference 

Achieve excellent value for money by acting as a Host for the day and sharing the costs of either a student conference or teacher course with your partner or neighbouring schools.

The benefits

  • Bring in high quality experts to your school and encourage knowledge sharing within your educational community
  • Provide an enriching, motivational and memorable experience for students and teachers
  • Our promise of excellence includes carrying out all administration, organisation and professional publication of the event programme
  • Increase cost effectiveness for all schools by sharing the costs of this event with other schools or partner institutions

What will it cost?

Costs start from £1.050 + VAT.  Example costs for 100 students is £ 1,910 and includes: 

  • Full organisation
  • All presenters (includes fees, travel and associated expenses)
  • Consultancy and customisation
  • Conference notes and materials/resources printed and delivered to your school

Enquiries and Bookings 

In your enquiries please give the following information:

  • The subject, level (GCSE or A level or generic) and/or exam board that your enquiry relates to
  • What options you may be interested in
  • Your model for the day ie: full day all students, half day all students, differentiated into groups for other half (ie: 7 – 9,  4-5)
  • How many ( approximate) students are likely to be attending
  • If the conference for students of one school only or more than one school
  • When would you like the conference to be held (term; month; specific day)?
  • Are you looking to book multiple conferences (10% discount if booking 3 conferences or more at the same time)

Contact us on 01625 532974 or email us on or click here to complete the online Enquiry Form

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