Teacher Courses

Keynote Educational specialise in the support and the development of teachers by researching and curating teacher courses that guarantee quality. Senior examiners and subject specialists are carefully matched to course titles to provide authoritativeaccurate and up to date information. Additionally, teaching strategies and exam knowledge in the context of their respective, chosen subjects is a core area of focus. Our CPD courses for teachers work to navigate through challenges and deliver solutions to your students, your school and yourself. Our teacher courses have been revised and expanded to offer both face to face opportunities. 

Teacher courses can also be tailored to be taken in school – for more information visit our In-School Courses page.

COVD Update

Teacher Courses

Our teacher courses typically last 5 hours and are split into various detailed focuses throughout the day.

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Explore the knowledge rich curriculum of your chosen subject and build on existing support for your students in achieving the highest grades.

Thoroughly prepare for OFSTED ‘Deep Dive’ inspections with an in-depth understanding of your chosen subject.

Gain expert practical strategies with a proven success of implementing a ‘knowledge-rich’ curriculum which supports students at all levels of ability.


Teacher Webinars

Our teacher webinars typically last between 60-90mins and take place after the school day to avoid disruption.

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Clear and detailed advice from senior examiners on mastering the context and analysis of an academically dense set of work.

Develop new techniques to add to your teaching armoury allowing you to have a range of adaptable skills to use with all students.

Support your students using tips from key examiners and subject experts to make deeper, key analytical points rather than point out surface issues.

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