Student Webinars: booster sessions to help students secure their best grades

Our Webinars are intense revision sessions designed to give detailed advice and guidance that students need to know and understand ahead of final examinations. They include final revision tips and techniques, so students can secure their best grades. The cost is £85 per log in and as many people as you want can join with that log-in

Comments from our student revision webinars:
"Good session, well-pitched. Good pointers and suggestions. All my pupils came away with something to work on."
Kirkbie Kendal School, May 2019

"Very good – clear resources, good pace and lots of useful tips."
Woking College, May 2019

"Students gained valuable insight into what to do and do well."
Dover Grammar for Boys, October 2019

Our Student Revision Webinars Offer:

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If you’d like to find out more about the webinars, please click here for our webinar guide on getting set up. 

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Code: 7816

Physics £85.00

STUDENT WEBINAR: AQA A level Physics Paper 3 – Practical skills and data analysis

Monday 9 December 2019 4pm (1hr)
Monday 11 May 2020 4pm (1hr)

Code: 7517

Physics £85.00

STUDENT WEBINAR | Achieving well in GCSE Science: Physics

Monday 25 November 2019 4pm (1hr)
Thursday 24 April 2020 4pm (1hr)

Code: 7478

Biology £85.00

STUDENT WEBINAR: AQA A-level Biology Paper 2

Wednesday 6 May 2020 4pm (1hr)

Code: 7479

Biology £85.00

STUDENT WEBINAR: AQA A-level Biology Paper 3

 Thursday 14 May 2020 4pm (1hr)

Code: 7676


STUDENT WEBINAR: Pearson Edexcel A-level Drama and Theatre Exam Booster

Tuesday 3 December 2019 4.30pm (1hr)
Thursday 7 May 2020 4.30pm (1hr)

Code: 7864


STUDENT WEBINAR: Revision booster - AQA GCSE Drama Component 1- the written exam

Thursday 26 March 2020 – 4pm
Thursday 30 April 2020 – 4pm

Code: 7865


STUDENT WEBINAR: Revision Booster - AQA GCSE Drama: Blood Brothers

Thursday 5 March 2020 – 4pm

Thursday 7 May 2020  – 4pm

Code: 7862

English subject library £85.00

STUDENT WEBINAR: AQA GCSE English Literature – Poetry

Tuesday 28 April 2020 (4pm) – 1 hour