New Summer Term Student Webinars: Preparation from 10/11 and 12/13 Webinars;  Booster Webinars;  Revision Webinars

These new student webinars address current priorities for Years 10/12 support – the webinars consolidate and build on the knowledge and skills developed in Year 10/12, fill gaps, and prime students for success in Year 11/13.  The webinars have been put together by expert, current examiners; they include guidance exam questions and  will also guide students in how to tackle questions in the exam. They  will be accompanied by notes and questions to allow students to test their understanding.

Student Revision Webinars

The webinars are led by examiners/subject experts, and focus on how to access the top grades. Your students can join a scheduled webinar from home across the various subjects, levels and exam boards. Or if you would like your students to participate within a classroom, only one log-in is required.

If none of the scheduled webinars suit your student groups we are able to tailor a webinar to meet your student’s requirements at a time and date suitable to you. All our past webinars that have taken place have been recorded and are available to be purchased for your students to view.

Contact us today for further information: or calling 01625 533053.

For scheduled webinars:

Comments from our student revision webinars:
“Good session, well-pitched. Good pointers and suggestions. All my pupils came away with something to work on.”
Kirkbie Kendal School, May 2019

“Very good – clear resources, good pace and lots of useful tips.”
Woking College, May 2019

“Students gained valuable insight into what to do and do well.”
Dover Grammar for Boys, October 2019

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If you’d like to find out more about the webinars, please click here for our webinar guide on getting set up. 

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Code: 8108

Student Webinar £95.00

Theories and perspectives in A level Sociology

Monday 19 April 2021 – 4pm

Code: 7947


Developing key skills and knowledge for Year 13 success

Thursday 08 July 2021 – 3.30pm



Code: 8028

Student Webinar £95.00

OCR A Level PE: Succeeding in the Psychological Factors Paper

Tuesday 25 May 2021 – 4pm
Tuesday 05 October 2021 – 4pm

Code: 8349


Specification A: Preparing for the Biological Diversity Exam (Paper 2)

Online | Tuesday 27 April 2021
Online | Wednesday 23 June 2021

Code: 8350


Specification A: Preparing to answer practical-based exam questions

Online | Wednesday 28 April 2021
Online | Thursday 24 June 2021

Code: 8475


Achieving grades A*/A (7-9) in CIE History IGCSE

Tuesday 20 April 2021
Monday 12 July 2021