Teacher Webinars for the new academic year

Our new teacher webinars, written and led by current examiners, investigate the key specification and assessment issues teachers need to focus on this spring.

Make sure that you do not miss out on this vital opportunity to ensure your students have the edge in the 2020 exams.

Every course includes notes and resources for those attending and can be watched as a group for one log-in fee.

If you’d like to find out more about the webinars, please check out our Webinars Information Sheet.



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Code: 7711


TEACHER WEBINAR: Starting teaching A-level Chemistry

Wednesday 4 December 2019 4pm (1hr)

Code: 7730


TEACHER WEBINAR: A-Level Classical Civilisation - Homer Odyssey

Tuesday 22 October 2019 4pm (1hr)
Monday 9 December 2019 4pm (1hr)

Code: 7718

Vocational Dance GCSE Dance A-level Dance £269.00

TEACHER WEBINAR: Bridging the Skills Gap Between GCSE, Vocational Dance and A-Level Dance

London | Wednesday 27 November 2019
London | Tuesday 11 February 2020


Code: 7481


TEACHER WEBINAR: Feedback on AQA A level Biology Papers 1, 2 and 3

Tuesday | 12 November 2019 4pm (1hr)
Thursday | 12 December 2019 4pm (1hr)

TEACHER WEBINAR: Nuclear Physics

Monday 4 November 2019 4pm (1hr)