Code: 7022


10th Annual Sixth Form Leadership Conference

London Friday 26 January 2018

Code: 7036

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Ensuring Outstanding Pupil Outcomes for All students

London Friday 08 December 2017
Leeds Friday 19 January 2018

Code: 6994


Growth Mindset – A Resilient Approach

Manchester Wednesday 15 November 2017
London Tuesday 21 November 2017

An exciting, different perspective on embedding a resilient culture and a growth mindset approach in a sustainable way to ensure successful outcomes.

Code: 6996


High Performing Teams

London Wednesday 22 November 2017
Manchester Monday 11 December 2017

Discover how to drive performance within teams in a sustainable and positive way.

Code: 6995

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How to be a Highly Effective Head of Department

London Wednesday  08  November 2017
Birmingham Friday 15 December 2017
London Friday 19 January 2018

How to lead your department to outstanding and what needs to be done to achieve this

Code: 6728


Making KS3 count: How to improve pupil progress in Years 7, 8 and 9

London Thursday 30 November 2017
Manchester Tuesday 28 November 2017

This course addresses the key concerns in the Ofsted report ‘Key Stage 3: The Wasted Years’ and how senior leaders can ensure the answer to the question that forms the title is a firm ‘no’.

Code: 6992

Latest News: National Sixth Form Conference Video Highlights £269.00

Personal Leadership Skills

London Thursday 19 October 2017
Leeds Thursday 25 January 2018

Maximise your leadership potential and the potential of those you work with

Code: 7035

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Raising Performance Through High Department Expectations

Manchester Wednesday 22 November 2017
London Tuesday 28 November 2017
London Wednesday 07 February 2018

Code: 6993


Visible Progress

London Wednesday 13 December 2017
Manchester Friday 12 January 2018

Strategies to make progress evident and encourage pupils to be self-reliant and proactive

Code: 6999


A Level History: Achieving High Performance Learning for A/A* Grades

Manchester Thursday 23 November 2017
London Tuesday 28 November 2017
London Monday 05 February 2018

Explore the skills that students need to attain high grades in A Level History and receive new ideas and practical strategies to challenge and extend your History students.

Code: 6985


A Level Latin Autumn 2017 Conference

London Friday 17 November 2017

An informative and stimulating conference for A Level Latin teachers.

Code: 7009


Exam tactics and teaching approaches for AQA A Level Sociology

London Monday 16 October 2017
London Friday 19 January 2018

Exam tactics and teaching approaches for the new specification, both AS and A Level.

Code: 5826


Leading a dynamic and successful Psychology department

London Friday 24 November 2017

Create an outstanding department: improve teaching and learning and tackle under-performing staff.

Code: 6973


Leading a great Music Department

London Monday 11 December 2017
London Thursday 01 March 2018

How do you make your Music Department great? This course will look at the key issues of music leadership in schools where music is expected to be outstanding.

Code: 6550


Leading a successful and dynamic Design & Technology department

London Wednesday 24 January 2018

Increased accountabilities, curriculum changes and the consistent drive to improve results… Need help?

Code: 6702


Leading a successful and dynamic Modern Languages department

London Thursday 18 January 2018

Explore the unique challenges of leading a languages department to levels of excellence.

Code: 7008


Leading an ‘outstanding’ Art and Design Department

London Tuesday 14 November 2017
London Tuesday 16 January 2018

This new course will encourage you to look at the qualities that make leadership effective and will focus on curriculum, teaching and learning and attainment.


Code: 6467


Leading an Outstanding Maths Department: Practical Strategies for Building success

London Monday 04 December 2017

Strong, effective leadership and strategies to improve the outcomes of students.

Code: 6153


Leading an outstanding Physical Education Department

London Friday 10 November 2017
London Thursday 18 January 2018

What constitutes an ‘Outstanding’ PE department? Find out how to make yours a winning team.

Code: 6685

Biology Course Image £269.00

Outstanding Leadership of your science department

London Tuesday 05 December 2017

Examine the responsibilities and characteristics of effective leaders in a science department.

Code: 6880


Raising Achievement in A Level Dance

London Wednesday 29 November 2017

Practical approaches to improve attainment of A Level students in Components 1 and 2.

Code: 6361


Teaching AQA A Level Drama & Theatre

London Friday 10 November 2017
London Friday 19 January 2018

Develop strategies for planning and delivering the 2016 specification to support high attainment for your students.

Code: 6675


A Level Biology: Getting to grips with higher level Mathematics

London Tuesday 17 October 2017

Refresh your own mathematical knowledge and receive resources to use in the classroom.

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10th Annual Sixth Form Leadership Conference - #7022

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10th Annual Sixth Form Leadership Conference - #7022

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10th Annual Sixth Form Leadership Conference - #7022