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Our new webinars are written and led by current GCSE and A Level examiners, practitioners and subject experts.

They focus on raising student performance in 2020 from the 2019 examinations – key topics, subject specific key challenges and issues, exam questions, question types, example responses, grades improving grades, new approaches, methods and techniques.

Why you should book a webinar:

If none of the scheduled webinars suit your student groups we are able to tailor a webinar to meet your student’s requirements at a time and date suitable to you. All our past webinars that have taken place have been recorded and are available to be purchased for your students to view.

Contact us today for further information: or calling 01625 533053.

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Code: 8454


Leading an outstanding Film Studies department

Online | Wednesday 13 October 2021

London | Wednesday 12 January 2021

Code: 8695


Eduqas A-Level Film Studies - Going Beyond the Core

London | Wednesday 8 December 2021

Code: 8820


GCSE English Language: paper 2, Question 4- developing analysis of methods

Online | Thursday 18 November 2021

Online | Thursday 17 February 2022


Code: 7316


Scholarly debates on the Aeneid

Online | Tuesday 12 October 2021

Code: new


Teacher Webinar: Norman England, c1066–c1100: Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk

Thursday 14 October 2021

Tuesday 2 November 2021


Code: 8525


Eduqas A-Level Film Studies: Achieving A/A*

London | Wednesday 24 November 2021

London | Wednesday 26 January 2022