Build up your repertoire of strategies to teach exam skills and knowledge for Paper 2 (Film Study) of the A Level German exam.

This webinar includes a set of notes and resources which will be sent in advance to enable you to identify possible questions about the teaching of Film as well as share with colleagues to help improve pupils’ exam preparation and revision.

This interactive webinar will focus on the most challenging areas of teaching a film for Paper 2 including:

  • Writing clearly structured and grammatically accurate essays about a film (Specific examples will be given about “Das Leben der Anderen” and “Goodbye Lenin!”)
  • Strategies to meet Examiners’ expectations and gain the highest AO3 (language) and AO4 (knowledge and cultural understanding) marks for the film essay
  • Developing the range of lexis and structures used in essays on films.
  • Teaching knowledge and understanding of culture through film study
  • Guiding pupils on responding critically and analytically to the questions on films.

Can be bought with A Level German: Insights into Paper 1 (Listening, Reading and Translation)
(Expert series) webinar for £200


  • Identifying exam techniques to support your pupils to achieve the very best result
  • Gain deep understanding of the marking scheme and how to achieve the highest scores in Paper 2
  • Develop a range of strategies to enable your pupils to produce high quality answers
  • Deepen your understanding of what makes top mark band essays in terms of content and language
  • Best practice guidance from an experienced A Level teacher and examiner
  • A set of notes and resources that you will be able to use immediately to support the teaching of your chosen film in the classroom
DATE & LOCATION  Online | Thursday 25 March 2021
Online | Tuesday 29  June 2021
  • A specially prepared folder of 50+ pages full of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance



4.00 pm – Introduction, welcome and sound check

4.05 pm –Teaching to plan effective answers to film essay questions

  • Criteria to choose the most appropriate question
  • Selecting suitable examples from the film studied
  • Maximising time spent on detailed plan

4.15 pm – Tips and hints for maximising marks for content

  • Understanding the content requirements for the film essay questions
  • Maximising marks for analytical and critical thinking
  • Presenting content in a clear and structured way

4.30 pmActivity: Goodbye Lenin!

  • Analysing student responses: Goodbye Lenin! essay questions
  • Identifying essay features leading to high marks for content
  • Teaching language features to enhance your pupils’ essay

4.40 pm – Activity: Das Leben der Anderen

  • Common features of the film essay questions
  • Tips for success: Demonstrating critical and analytical thought
  • Teaching pupils to proofread their work for a wide range of structures and grammatical accuracy

4.50 pm – Activity: Planning and Feedback

  • Guiding outline planning and providing feedback for film essays (specific examples will be provided for Das Leben der Anderen and Goodbye Lenin!).

Wanda Marshall

Wanda Marshall is a German and French teacher of nearly 20 years’ experience. She was formerly Head of German in a large north London comprehensive. She currently teaches Edexcel A Level German in a sixth form college and has also been an examiner for AQA A Level German (Paper 3, oral) for the past five years  so she has first hand current experience of teaching and examining the two main boards