We are delighted to once again offer our AS/A Latin conference, which promises to be another informative, engaging and stimulating and enjoyable conference for all A Level Latin teachers, Heads of Classics and others involved in promoting Classics at A Level.

The conference for summer 2018 focuses on the new 2020 texts, as well as key aspects for teaching A level Latin. All the sessions on prescribed texts are led by leading experts.

This year we are pleased to welcome back Dr Fiachra Mac Góráin (Lecturer in Classics, UCL) who will be leading sessions on Virgil and Horace, and Dr Andrew Sillett (St Annes College, Oxford), leading the opening session on Cicero. We welcome for the first time to the conference Dr Regine May (Associate Professor, University of Leeds) on Apuleius, and Professor Jennifer Ingleheart (Durham University) for Ovid.

We also welcome back Dr John Taylor and Katherine Radice who will be leading sessions during the day. John will once again be chairing the day and will be available throughout the day for discussion or questions. As ever, Hellenic Books will be exhibiting at the conference.


  • Take away ideas for effective student preparations
  • Develop new strategies for teaching the set texts
  • Explore questions, question types and A Grade responses
  • Opportunity to discuss the specification 2nd year in
CONFERENCE DATE London Friday 22 June 2018
WHO FOR?  AS/A Latin teachers
Heads of Classics
Leaders involved in promoting Classics
Detailed notes On-line materials
Powerpoint presentations CPD Certificate
 High quality training facilities Sit-down buffet lunch



10.00 – 10.45am: Cicero, Phillipic 11, 44 – 50, 78 - 92, 100 - 119

  • The political climate
  • The character and ambition of Antony
  • Cicero and Demosthenes
  • Ciceronian style
  • Current thinking

Dr Andrew Sillett


10.45 - 11.30am: Option Strand 1

Either Option 1A: Tacitus, Histories 1, 4 – 7, 12 – 14, 17 – 23 26, 39 – 44, 49

  • AD 69 and the secret of empire
  • The ominous Galba
  • The usurping Otho
  • Tacitean style

Dr Andrew Sillett

Or Option 1B: Ovid, Amores 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.10, 2.12

  • The poet and his audience
  • Genre and style
  • The poet and the lover
  • Corinna and others

Professor Jennifer Ingleheart


11.30 – 11.50am: Discussion: coffee break


11.50 - 12.40pm: Option Strand 2

Either Option 2A: Prose Composition / Prose Comprehension

  • Keeping options open: how to prepare pupils for both in limited time
  • Links to literature: how to make sure different strands of the AL are mutually beneficial
  • What to do when students keep on making mistakes…..
  • Accuracy and style in composition

Katharine Radice, Dr John Taylor

Or Option 2B: Apuleius  Metamorphoses, IV 28 – 35 and V 1 – 10

  • Author and hero
  • Metamorphosis and mysteries
  • The story of Cupid and Psyche
  • Style and genre

Dr Regine May


12.40 – 1.30pm: Lunch and Hellenic Books

  • Focus Group: KS3 Resources for Teaching Latin – what type of resources would work best at this level?Katharine Radice & Alice Wright (Senior Commissioning Editor, Classics and Archaeology, Bloomsbury Academic UK)

1.30 - 2.20pm: Option Strand 3

Either Option 3A: Virgil, Aeneid, Book XI – 1 – 224 and extracts between 498 – 835

  • Virgil’s Iliad
  • Mourning Pallas
  • Trojans and Italians
  • Narrative and style

Dr Fiachra Mac Góráin

Or Option 3B: Greek Session

  • Overview of the new specification
  • Choosing and tackling set texts
  • The demands of the language papers
  • Greek from scratch in the sixth form

Dr John Taylor


2.20 - 3.10pm: Option Strand 4

Either Option 4A: The June 2018 Examination: plenary and Q & A Discussion

  • What was good/bad/unexpected?
  • Analysis of the Language papers
  • Analysis of the Literature papers
  • Getting ready for 2019 papers

Dr John Taylor

Or Option 4B: Horace, Satires 1.1, 1.3, 2.2, Odes Book 3 selections

  • The Augustan setting
  • Genre and style
  • The cult of moderation
  • Poetry and friendship

Dr Fiachra Mac Góráin


3.10 – 3.15pm: Afternoon refreshments


3.15 – 3.50pm: Maximising attainment: how to help all pupils push forwards

  • Stretching the high-flyers
  • Shoring up a ‘safe’ A-grade
  • How to turn a C/D into an A/B

Katharine Radice

Professor Jennifer Ingleheart

Classics, Durham University

Dr Fiachra MacGorain

Lecturer in Classics, UCL

Dr Regine May

Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Katharine Radice

Curriculum Leader for Classics, The Stephen Perse Foundation

Dr Andrew Sillet

St Annes College, University of Oxford

Dr John Taylor

Former Head of Classics, Tonbridge School, Examiner