This NEW conference will provide students with a highly motivational revision day, at which they will hear presentations from leading experts on crucial political issues, linked directly to the examinations.  They will receive top quality advice, guidance and examples which will assist in producing examination answers of the highest levels.

The conference is designed for students of all examination boards.


  • Exciting sessions including discussions and talks which will enhance exam answers and are directly relevant to the specification
  • Ask questions and gain first hand advice and guidance from a senior examiner and a leading expert on US Politics
  • Gain enhanced and relevant understanding and knowledge of key areas of the specification
  • Engaging, interactive examiner workshops to improve student performance in the exams
  • Get a full set of conference notes, with examination tips and example answers
DATE & LOCATION London | Thursday 18 March 2021
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Conference



10:25– 10:35am
Welcome and Introductions

Feedback from 2019 exams – what students did well and how to do the same

10.30– 11.10am
UK Politics Session 1:
Are we in a ‘constitutional moment’? | Dr Philip Catney

  • The changing nature of the UK constitution: structure and scrutiny of the executive
  • How far have reforms since 1997 changed the UK constitution?
  • The impact of devolution and Brexit on the government of the UK: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales – and England

11:10– 11:30
Break – 
submit your questions on Politics to our expert panel

11.30 – 12.20pm
UK Politics Session 2 – The Politics of the UK and t
he UK’s changing party system | Dr Philip Catney

  • Elections and referendums and their impact on the party system
  • The UK’s changing party system: ideology, party structure and party funding
  • Development towards a multi-party system in the UK and its impact on government and policy
  • What explains the rise of minor parties? Policies of minor parties and their impact on political debates and political agenda

12.20 – 1.00pm
Answering questions on UK Politics | Nick Axon

  • Mastering the shorter questions
  • Dealing with the extract questions: the key features of an excellent response
  • Essay writing: the qualities of a Level 5 essay
  • Student marking exercise – what gains A and A* and why

1.00- 1.45pm

Ask the Experts:

  • The experts answer the questions submitted by the students

1.55 – 2.35pm
US Politics: Has the Trump era changed the presidency and the framework of US government? Dr William Sheward

  • Presidential power under Trump: sources of power, formal and informal powers and their development
  • Relations with Congress: checks, balances and key variables such as party support
  • Foreign policy
  • The presidency in an age of hyper-partisanship: the attitudes of the media and public opinion
  • Comparison to previous presidents: how different is Trump and will any changes last into the next presidency?

2:40- 3.20pm
US Politics and Comparative Politics: Comparing constitutions: does a liberal democracy require a codified constitution? | Dr William Sheward

  • Limiting the power of the government: compositions, structures, strengths and weaknesses
  • Adapting to changes in society – the role of the Supreme Courts and the legislative
  • Protecting civil rights: whose rights and when? Pressure groups, focus groups, minority rights

3.20 – 3.45pm
Final Top Tips and Exam Technique | Nick Axon

  • The study habits of a top Politics student
  • Understanding the top level criteria
  • Top 5 tips for revision

Dr William Sheward

Dr William Sheward is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Winchester. He is Programme Leader for the BA Politics and Global Studies, and Global History degrees, and, from September 2018, the MA in Politics and International Relations. His teaching and academic interests and specialisms lie in US politics, especially in relations to ideology, political philosophy and elections.

Dr Philip Catney

Dr Philip Catney is a senior lecturer in Politics at Keele University. Before that, he worked at Sheffield University and was a guest lecturer for Oxford University’s Sustainable Urban Development MSc (2013-2017). He is the coordinator of Keele’s Parliamentary Studies module, co-taught with clerks from Parliament. Philip has presented findings from his work to HM Treasury, the Environment Agency and other government agencies and is the author of more than twenty journal articles or book chapters on British Politics.

Nick Axon

Nick Axon has taught A-level Politics since 2005. He was Head of Politics, then Head of History & Politics, at Cheadle Hulme School between 2009 and 2016, when he was appointed Head of Sixth Form. He is a highly experienced Principal Examiner in A Level Politics for a major awarding body, and  has contributed to Politics Review. He has developed resources for AQA since the development of the new specification.

Students £25+VAT

One free teacher place for every 10 student places
Additional teachers £35+VAT
Individual teachers £80+VAT