This NEW conference, is designed in the light of the 2018 examinations. The revamped conference will focus on challenging areas, how to boost grades and how to meet the demands of the questions for examination success in 2019.

This NEW conference will provide students with a highly motivational revision day, at which they will hear presentations from leading experts on crucial political issues, linked directly to the examinations. They will receive top quality advice, guidance and examples which will assist in producing examination answers of the highest levels.

The conference is designed for students of all examination boards.


  • Exciting sessions including discussions and talks which will enhance exam answers and are directly relevant to the specification
  • Ask questions and gain first hand advice and guidance from a senior examiner and a leading expert on US Politics
  • Gain enhanced and relevant understanding and knowledge of key areas of the specification
  • Engaging, interactive examiner workshops to improve student performance in the exams
  • Get a full set of conference notes, with examination tips and example answers
CONFERENCE DATE London Thursday 21 March 2019
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Conference


10.25 – 10.35am
Welcome and Introduction: Clare Stansfield

10.35 – 11.10am
Current voter behaviour and methods of participation: Clare Stansfield

Our Politics expert reviews how voter behaviour appears to be changing and the possible effects of this

  • Explore how voters appear to be behaving differently and the impacts of that on electoral results
  • A close examination on whether methods of participation really are changing
  • Gain ideas and views on whether this is affecting how politicians, including MPs, are having to behave and represent the public

11.10 – 11.20am
Question and Answer session with the experts

  • Ask Clare Stansfield questions on this topic

11.20 – 11.50am
Examiner advice session on UK Politics: Clare Stansfield

  • How can you use the information from the talk to produce excellent answers on UK Politics
  • Planning and use of the source for the long answer question, with examples to demonstrate how to achieve the highest levels
  • Comparison answer exercise to show how to improve an answer

11.50 – 12.10pm

  • Submit your questions on Politics to our expert panel

12.10 – 12.40pm
An expert discussion on whether Donald Trump’s presidency demonstrates the strength or weakness of the US constitution: William Sheward and Clare Stansfield

  • With a show of hands from students to decide on conclusion, based solely on arguments heard!

12.40 – 1.10pm

1.10 – 1.25pm
Ask the Experts: Clare Stansfield, William Sheward

  • The experts answer the questions submitted by the students, with a prize for the best

1.25 – 2.10pm
Comparing US and UK politics in written answers: Clare Stansfield, William Sheward

  • Gain expert insight with examples of what really gets the highest marks
  • Strengthen student responses by examining common errors made by Politics students on this Paper
  • Student marking exercise on example answers, examining answers at different mark levels to aid progression
  • Ask questions of a leading expert on US Politics about US government and how it compares to the UK

2.10 – 2.50pm
Are big political ideas such as feminism still relevant or have they been taken over by new movements? William Sheward

Our leading expert considers this key area of the specification and the broader picture of political ideas

  • What are the new movements and how are they driving Politics in the UK and USA?
  • Consider whether new ways of thinking are really edging out older ideologies or simply appear to be doing so
  • Examine the implications of this for current politics
  • A unique opportunity to ask a leading academic expert on Politics questions about this topic

2.50 – 3.20pm
How best to consider Political Ideas in exams: Clare Stansfield

  • Using feedback from 2018 and example answers, our examiner explains how to use this area in the most effective way to lead to high quality examination answers
  • Student mind mapping exercise to demonstrate effective exam planning and answering to a high level

3.20 – 3.30pm
Final Top Tips and close: Clare Stansfield

  • Extra tips on excellent revision ideas, including using the specification
  • Action plan – what to do after today to get the highest grades

Dr William Sheward

Dr William Sheward is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Winchester. He is Programme Leader for the BA Politics and Global Studies, and Global History degrees, and, from September 2018, the MA in Politics and International Relations. His teaching and academic interests and specialisms lie in US politics, especially in relations to ideology, political philosophy and elections.

Clare Stansfield

Clare Stansfield is a highly experienced examiner and presenter for A-level Politics. She contributes to Politics Review magazine and is a very experienced teacher of A-level Politics.

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