Monday 14 December 2020 – 4pm

CODE: 8107


This Education policies webinar is aimed at giving students the confidence in the challenging parts of the Education unit, and to give advice on how to answer short-answer and essay questions on this topic.


  • Students will gain strategies for tackling difficult exam questions with expert guidance from David Morris, a Sociology teacher with 8 years’ experience of examining.
  • Students will learn how to categorise educational policies by their aims and impacts and how these may relate to exam questions.
  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of some of the more difficult parts of the Education policies topic, such as the impact of globalisation of education.
  • This webinar will help develop students’ evaluation skills to aim for the top mark bands in their essays.


All students of A Level Sociology

4.00 – 4.05 pm Welcome and Introduction

4:05pm:  Understanding the aims and impacts of educational policies

  • The aims of educational policies- what are they hoping to achieve?
  • The impact of educational policies- how have they affected students?
  • The impact of globalisation on education- examples

4:25pm: Tackling short exam questions                                

  • How to ‘unpick’ questions so you write about the correct things, such as knowing which policies link to marketisation and the impact of educational policies on social class differences in achievement,
  • How to avoid writing too much or too little in your answers- students often fail to explain how certain policies relate to specific policy aims, or write too much detail about how a policy impacted a certain group in education.
  • How these questions are marked

4:35pm: Writing successful policy essays                                                                              

  • How to structure your essays to get into the top mark band using the PELE format- a systematic way of setting out paragraphs to make sure you cover all three assessment objectives in each paragraph.
  • A look at past essay questions on Education policies: what they were about and how to answer them
  • How to avoid common pitfalls

4:55pm: Final tips and questions

David Morris

David is an experienced Sociology teacher with 12 years classroom teaching experience. He also has worked as an examiner for 8 years, with 4 years in a Senior Examiner role. He teaches at a 6th Form College recently graded as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, with Sociology being one of the focus areas during inspection.

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