Tuesday 13 October 2020 – 4pm

CODE: 8111


The purpose of this 60 minute webinar is to discuss and assist your students with the vital skills they will need to apply to achieve exam success. It is applicable to all A Level Sociology exam boards and all levels of teaching, whether you are an NQT or just wish to refresh your existing teaching skills.

In this session, Ian will show how to successfully plan an essay under timed conditions, decode exam-style questions and outline a number of practical exam skills regardless of the students predicted ability to maximise their chances of success. The session will conclude with an interactive revision technique that can be used in the classroom as an ice-breaking activity.


By the end of this session, students will be able to:


  • Confidently tackle different types of questions, ranging from short answer questions to more lengthy essay style responses.
  • Apply sociological concepts and examples to successfully maximise their awarded marks and target higher grades.
  • Structure an essay under timed conditions using the “triangle” method and apply the “name game” approach while reading the items in the exam paper.
  • Make effective use of interactive revision strategies.


All students of  A level Sociology

4.00 – 4.05 pm: Welcome and Introduction

4.05pm:  What are the examiners looking for?   

  • What are the “trigger words” examiners like to use in every question?
  • What do the verbs “evaluate, discuss and analyse” actually mean and how will that affect the student’s response?
  • Practical examples discussed.

4.20pm: Getting back to basics                 

  • The dos and don’ts of the exam – a simple guide to maximising exam success.
  • How to effectively use an item by playing the “name game” with a practical example.

4.35pm:  Tackling the essay                                                                          

  • Using the “triangle” method and the “rule of five” to plan an essay with an example.
  • Using the P.E.R.C.Y. approach
  • Improve your essay structure with linking sentences

4.50pm: Revision & Summary                                                                   

  • How to revise effectively
  • Interactive revision techniques with practical examples
  • Q and A time.


Ian Luckhurst

Ian Luckhurst is the Course Leader for A Level Sociology at a very successful college in the South West of England. With over 25 years of teaching experience, he has delivered a number of revision webinars and conferences as well as publishing a number of articles in relevant A Level Sociology journals.