Surds often present a conceptual challenge to students, especially when they become hidden in contexts. In this webinar students will have a recap of the key attributes and properties of surds, before looking at a range of problems – things to look out for and how to set work out for the examiner.


  • Give students confidence and simple starting points when facing high level multi-step Algebraic GCSE questions
  • Give students methods to un pick higher level Algebraic questions that promote resilience.
  • Linking topics together support learning and memory recall
  • Includes coverage of, Surd expressions and rationalising the denominator of higher level GCSE questions
COURSE DATE Online | Tuesday 08 December 2020
  • Higher GCSE students
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • A specially prepared folder of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05 – 4.25 pm: Recognise a surd

  • What they are
  • The rules needed to be successful with surd questions
  • Some quick observations
  • How to use your calculator to check work on calc papers

4.25 -4.40 pm: Surd Expressions

  • How to recognise a surd question, how do command words indicate what needs to be done.
  • Step by step approach (lets not miss any marks)
  • Things to watch out for how to set work out correctly
  • Have a go!
  • Check your answers
  • Spot the errors in other students work – where have they gone wrong?

4.40 – 5pm: Surds, Rationalising the denominator                                                                            

  • The link between the rules
  • Step by step approach
  • Have a go!
  • Contexts that can lead to surds questions, more worked examples.

Stephen Readey

Stephen Readey is an experienced maths teacher, an accredited Maths Advanced Skills Teacher and Specialist Leader in Education.   Stephen is an accomplished and very experienced leader with 25 years getting the most out of students, the last 15 years getting the very best out of students studying GCSE maths.   He has published Teaching and Learning material that comes highly recommended by the DFE.  Stephen has spent many years as a Head of Maths and a Senior Leader in schools and was nominated for an award by the SSAT and GMT for outstanding leadership of maths under extreme circumstances having raised attainment systematically year on year from a starting point of 14.2% up to a staggering 58%.