Analyse the key issues raised for improving student performance in 2020 from the 2019 AQA A level Biology examinations, evaluating where students produced high yielding responses and areas where they failed to get good marks across the three papers.


  • Give a boost for your students in the run up to 2020 exams by gaining first hand, direct final tips and techniques from a practicising AQA A Level Biology examiner, and what the examiners are looking for
  • Explore the most crucial areas stressed by AQA examiners in 2019
  • Develop your understanding of what students should include in their answers
  • Take away ideas on how students should approach the exam questions


4.00pm: Introduction, welcome and sound check

4.05-4.20pm: Focus on Paper 1

  • Evaluation of the different topics and questions assessed in Paper 1
  • Explore the most challenging areas and what examiners expected to see for top grades
  • Ongoing issues which students still struggle to grasp

4.20-4.40pm: Feedback on Paper 2

  • Examine and evaluate the concepts and questions students found difficult in Paper 2
  • Analysing how students can produce clearer responses for 2020
  • Unpicking the AO3 requirements in the questions

4.40 – 5.00pm: Paper 3 – Key synoptic skills

  • Feedback on performance in 2019: what students did well and building on it
  • Where students struggled with linking Year 1 content to the questions set
  • The synoptic essay: how to develop student skills, based on 2019 feedback

5.00pm: End of webinar

Dr Harjit K Singh

Dr Harjit K Singh is an experienced teacher and senior examiner for A level Biology. She has taught and examined A Level Biology for over 25 years, IB Biology for 8 years as well as BTEC Applied Science. She is a published author of the Key Skills and Knowledge Booster Biology and co-author of Key Skills and Knowledge Booster BTEC Science Applied and Vocational courses. She has presented many biology courses for teachers, student revision conferences and online web conferences. She is also involved in presenting international IB student revision courses.

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