Monday 23 November 2020 – 4pm

Code: 8214


Having missed months of learning art students may have restricted expected progress with limited time remaining to complete Component 1 The Personal Investigation and build confidence for a successful Component 2 The Externally Set Assignment. We will pin point how to get students’ personal project completed successfully by January and provide you with relevant  toolkits for achievement with The Externally Set Assignment


  • Identify intervention strategies for depth & breadth of visual and written learning evidence
  • ‘Off the shelf’ workshops – responding to contextual references, building sufficient scope within an idea , quick and efficient practical to written element connection strategy
  • Key practical strategies which save time and focus on quality of camera craft not post editing using Photoshop
  • Be made aware of the time consuming pitfalls students fall into nationally and be armed with key strategies and approaches to avoid them.
  • Identify vital students practice to Art and Design through efficient and confident use of the Externally Set Assignment preparatory period and the 15 hours supervised time.


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

4.05 – 4.40  pm  Session 1 – Component 1: – Preparing to Succeed in   in  the Personal Investigation

  • Ensuring depth and scope for each idea/s within students practical work that matches their learning style and potential
  • Correct exploration of technical considerations to inform creative ideas and processes.
  • How to pre-empt and avoid time consuming ‘wrong turns’ and image manipulation overload!
  • tools to ensure students artwork is relevant, personal and efficiently executed to a high standard in a time frame

4.45 – 5.10  pm  Session 2: Component 2 :  – The Externally Set Assignment

  • Evidence of learning through quality not quantity & what it looks like in practice
  • The correct selection of key contextual references & quick, technical and aesthetic responses
  • The key creative intervention strategies – when to act, how to act during the preparatory period – contact sheets, selection of the best, moving ideas and technique forward
  • Be made aware of the time consuming pitfalls students fall into nationally and be armed with key strategies and approaches to avoid them.

5.10 – 5.30 pm   Session 3 :  – Grade boundaries/ level indicators                                                                     

  • Looking at student work to identify top grade work, and less top grade work
  • Exploring ways to help students refine their work for maximum grade potential

Mark Coombe

Mark Coombe is an experienced Art & Design teacher of 25 years who has taught all areas of Art & Design.  He is renowned as a CPD leader, trainer and presenter across all disciplines of Art & Design.  He is a practising artist, in particular in animal portraiture – livestock & rare breeds – and his current portfolio is supplying The National Trust in Norfolk, Suffolk and other regions.

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