Date: Tuesday 02 February 2021

Code: 8264


Maximise student outcomes in the NEA with specific and focused advice on exactly how to drive further into the higher levels for both practical and coursework. Considering what exactly moderators are looking for in the higher levelled practical and coursework and how to ensure that moderated outcomes remain in line with national standards at the highest possible grades.


This interactive webinar will provide you with:

  • Develop an understanding of the exact demands of the higher levels of practical and coursework and how these are best presented.
  • How to utilise teacher support within the JCQ guidelines, especially in relation to the coursework
  • Turning effective performance into the highest quality NEA at the end.


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction

Ensuring that demands of the highest levels are known and evidenced

  • Identifying the main demands of achieving the highest possible levels
  • Turning good practical performance into evidence that justifies the mark awarded.
  • How to ensure evidence complies to the changes required as a result of Covid-19
  • Consider examples of outstanding practical that is suitably evidenced

Preparing for moderation.

  • Preparing for moderation.
  • Tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes for students who should be scoring high marks but don’t necessarily achieve them.
  • Discussion about the length of evidence.
  • Considerations for all areas of assessment with a particular focus on area of assessment 3

The very best of the NEA coursework                                                               

  • Common mistakes and pitfalls that prevent high ability students from achieving the mark they deserve
  • Clear clarification over depth and breadth.
  • Integrating a flow through the work so that is links together to a high standard.

Final conclusion and top tips

  • Final conclusion and top tips
  • Opportunities for specific questions





Ross Howitt

Ross is Principal Moderator and Coursework Advisor for a major exam board. He has managed a strong team of teachers in one of the country’s largest and most successful providers of A Level Physical Education and brings a wealth of experience to this course. Ross has a strong reputation for delivering focused and informative INSET courses and is a regular provider of articles and information to a number of educational periodicals. He provides educational consultancy in schools/ colleges around the country.

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