This exciting, refreshed and updated student conference will provide students with practical, engaging and motivating revision for the AQA A Level PE examination. Throughout the day, students will work with examiners and practitioners with a focus on improving their grades.


  • Opportunity to ask questions and gain first hand advice and guidance from Senior Examiners and subject experts
  • Enhanced understanding of key themes and topics, all linked directly to the new AQA A Level PE specification and assessments
  • Highly relevant examiner workshops which will improve outcomes in the examination and enhance examination technique
  • Receive a comprehensive workbook to complete on the day and use afterwards as part of your revision
  • Teachers will receive resources to use in the classroom post-conference
CONFERENCE DATE London Thursday 14 March 2019
Manchester Thursday 28 March 2019
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Conference



10.20 – 10.30am: Introduction. Exam overview with reference to the 2018 paper

  • Our examiners explore the key issues which meant students did or did not succeed in the exam – and what students can learn from that information

10.30 – 11.10am: Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Expert advice and guidance on how to extend and apply knowledge and understanding of this key area of the specification to include consideration of:

  • Transportation of oxygen. Haemoglobin. Myoglobin. Oxyhaemoglobin disassociation curve. Bohr shift
  • Arterio-venous oxygen difference (A-VO2 diff). Variations in response to an exercise session
  • Variations between trained and untrained individuals. Adaptations to body systems resulting in training effect

11.10 – 11.50am: Skill Acquisition

  • How to succeed in the exams: information processing, including the Working Memory and Schema Theory
  • Interactive student session, including the building and understanding of IP models and answering exam questions

11.50 – 12.10pm: Break

  • Submit your questions to win a prize!

12.05 – 12.45pm: Sport in Society

  • Investigating the Golden Triangle – the interrelationship between commercialisation (including sponsorship), media (radio, TV, satellite, internet and social media) and sports and Governing bodies
  • Answering questions by making sense of what the examiners want: how to ensure strong exam performance on Sport in Society

12.45 – 1.25pm: Lunch


1.25 – 1.35pm: Ask the expert

  • The speakers answer questions submitted earlier and award prizes for the best questions

1.35 – 1.55pm: Biomechanics

The examiners explore the key elements of this area of the specification and what students need to know and do for the exams:

  • Factors affecting horizontal displacement of projectiles
  • Factors affecting flight paths of different projectiles – Shot put, badminton shuttle
  • Vector components of parabolic flight

1.55 – 2.40pm: Examiner Workshop

  • Having a plan for the exam – tactics and strategies to strengthen exam performance
  • How to tackle the different types of questions
  • Know your A01 from your A03! What these are and why they matter
  • Interactive student session: question analysis from 2018

2.40 – 3.20pm: Sports Psychology

  • The three A’s – Attitudes, Arousal and Aggression. An interactive look at the psychological theories and concepts of these three topics with tasks and questions to keep you going!

3.20 – 3.30pm: Final revision ideas and plenary

  • A review of today’s advice, including a quick-fire quiz and ideas for success after today

Carl Atherton

Head of Physical Education, author of text books and experienced A Level examiner

Ross Howitt

Senior examiner and Coursework Advisor, author of textbooks and experienced teacher and training provider

Mike Murray

Experienced A Level PE teacher, Senior Examiner and author of textbooks

Students £25+VAT

One free teacher place for every 10 student places
Additional teachers £35+VAT
Individual teachers £80+VAT