This exciting, interactive and refreshed A level AQA PE programme will provide students with a motivational, informative and valuable revision day.  Specially designed by practicing senior examiners, the day will give your students expert advice, guidance and examples on how to improve their performance in their examinations.


  • Opportunity to ask questions and gain first hand advice and guidance from Senior Examiners and subject experts
  • Enhanced understanding of key themes and topics, all linked directly to the AQA A-level PE specification and assessments
  • Highly relevant examiner workshops which will improve outcomes in the examination and enhance examination technique
  • Receive a comprehensive workbook to complete on the day and use afterwards as part of your revision
  • An emphasis on the 15 mark questions
 DATE AND LOCATION Manchester | Thursday 12 March 2020

London | Thursday 26 March 2020

IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Conference


Introduction: Exam overview with reference to the 2019 paper

  • Our examiners explore the key issues which meant students did or did not succeed in the exam – and what students can learn from that information

10.30 –11.00
Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Expert advice and guidance on how to extend and apply knowledge and understanding of this key area of the specification to include consideration of:

  • Transportation of oxygen. Haemoglobin. Myoglobin. Oxyhaemoglobin disassociation curve. Bohr shift.
  • Arterio-venous oxygen difference (A-VO2 diff). Variations in response to an exercise session.
  • Variations between trained and untrained individuals. Adaptations to body systems resulting in training effect.
  • Strategies for answering questions on Energy Transfer

Skill Acquisition

  • How to succeed in the exams and meet the assessment criteria with a look at the knowledge, application and evaluation of the concepts related to Response Time and motivation. Theories and concepts will be examined using practical examples
  • Using sporting examples well – how to demonstrate knowledge appropriately to support answers
  • Interactive student session with tasks to do and questions to answer.

11.40-12.00 noon
Break – Submit questions to the experts

12.00 – 12.20 pm
Answering 15 mark questions

  • Sample student work and common mistakes to avoid
  • Modelling excellent answers

12.20-1.00 pm
Sport in Society

  • Investigating the Golden Triangle – the interrelationship between commercialisation (including sponsorship), media (radio, TV, satellite, internet and social media) and sports and Governing bodies
  • Answering questions by making sense of what the examiners want: how to ensure strong exam performance on Sport in Society


Ask the expert

The speakers answer questions submitted earlier

1.55 -2.25pm

The examiners explore the key elements of this area of the specification and what students need to know and do for the exams:

  • Factors affecting horizontal displacement of projectiles.
  • Factors affecting flight paths of different projectiles – Shot put, badminton shuttle.
  • Vector components of parabolic flight

Examiner Workshop

  • Having a plan for the exam – tactics and strategies to strengthen exam performance
  • The best technique for tackling the different types of questions
  • Know your A01 from your A03! What these are and why they matter
  • Interactive student session: question analysis from 2019, including exemplar answers

2.55 – 3.30pm
Sports Psychology – Social facilitation and Confidence

  • Explore how the presence of others can affect performance and levels of confidence
  • Impressing the examiners with appropriate references to AO1, AO2 and AO3
  • What the examiners are looking for at Grades B, A and A*

Final revision ideas and plenary

A review of today’s advice, including a quick-fire quiz and ideas for success after today

Carl Atherton

Head of Physical Education, author of text books and experienced A Level examiner

Ross Howitt

Senior examiner and Coursework Advisor, author of textbooks and experienced teacher and training provider

Students £25+VAT

One free teacher place for every 10 student places
Additional teachers £35+VAT
Individual teachers £80+VAT

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