This NEW conference, is designed in the light of the 2018 examinations. The revamped conference will focus on challenging areas, how to boost grades and how to meet the demands of the questions for examination success in 2019.

These NEW conferences will provide students with a motivational revision day, at which they will hear presentations from leading sociologists and be given high quality advice, guidance and examples which will assist them in producing examination answers of the highest levels.


  • An exciting, interactive conference which will extend student understanding of key topics and how to approach the examinations
  • Expert speakers will provide contemporary insights on key subject issues, linked directly to the examination requirements
  • A unique opportunity to ask experts questions on the subject, specification and assessments
  • Engaging examiner workshops and discussions to improve student performance in the exams
  • Take home a full set of conference notes, which will provide invaluable ideas and examples for strengthening student revision
CONFERENCE DATES London Wednesday 06 March 2019
Manchester Friday 15 March 2019
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Conference

10.20 – 10.30am
Welcome and Introduction: Mark Souter

10.30 – 11.10am
‘Differential Educational Achievement’ in social class, ethnicity and gender – using education to explore Theories and Methods: Mark Souter

Our expert Sociologist explores this key area of the AQA specification, extending students’ understanding of latest ideas and approaches, which they can use in their examinations.

  • DEA as a sociological issue – methods of research; theoretical explanations
  • Going beyond bullet points – DEA links to processes, policy, and functions
  • DEA myths and mistakes to avoid
  • An opportunity to ask questions of our expert presenter

11.10 – 11.50am
Improving answers on Paper 1: Asma Ali and Mark Souter

  • Where students succeed and struggle with AQA Paper 1 – what are the examiners looking for?
  • Comparison student answer exercise; ideas on how to write suitable amounts for each type of question
  • Excellent answers to the 30 mark questions
  • Using Sociological ideas for high marks: Group work on how students can use and challenge ideas such as in the opening presentation to improve their revision and answer exam questions to a high level

11.50 – 12.10pm

12.10 – 12.40pm
Expert Discussion on what makes an effective research programme in Sociology: Asma Ali, Louise Quinn, Mark Souter

  • Our experts consider the points that make an effective research programme, issues that can arise and how students can utilise their own research to produce high level exam answers
  • Our panel will explain how samples are chosen, and the students will have a chance to ask questions of the panel

12.40 – 1.10pm

1.10 – 1.40pm
Examiner session – how to use your research, own knowledge and material from examples to produce excellent answers: Asma Ali

  • An evaluation of student strengths and weaknesses in the 2018 Paper 2
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when using research, own knowledge and materials from examples – and how to produce excellent responses
  • Exam answer-planning exercise for Paper 2: students plan an answer to an unseen question and get feedback on how to plan to ensure high marks

1.40 – 2.25pm
Crime and Deviance: Louise Quinn

Our expert presenter looks closely at current issues and latest academic thinking related to Crime and Deviance, strengthening student revision and detailed understanding of the topic

  • • Current trends and patterns
  • Attitudes to crime in Britain and the significance of those views
  • Question and answer session with Louise Quinn on Crime and Deviance

2.25 – 2.55pm
How to produce high level answers on Paper 3: Asma Ali and Louise Quinn

  • Our experts look at the key issues and topics on Paper 3, including feedback from 2018
  • Importance of application and analysis
  • Student pair work marking exercise, demonstrating progression through example answers for 30 mark questions to help get high marks

2.55 – 3.10pm
Final Top Tips and Close: Asma Ali

Mark Souter

Mark started teaching social science in 1982 and is an Open University Associate Lecturer in social science, for whom he also presents ‘Master Classes’ in study skills.

Asma Ali

Asma is a successful Head of Sociology at a college in the North of England. She has extensive examining experience and in training PGCE students in Sociology.

Louise Quinn

Louise is a senior lecturer at MMU and the PGCE subject co-ordinator for Psychology and Social Science at Brooks Campus – Manchester. Prior to joining MMU, Louise worked for 7 years in secondary schools teaching social sciences, headed a Sociology department and was a PSHE coordinator.

Students £25+VAT

One free teacher place for every 10 student places
Additional teachers £35+VAT
Individual teachers £80+VAT