Thursday 06 May 2021 – 4pm

Code: 7831


This webinar will outline the most up to date guidance in how to prepare for the upcoming summer exams. The webinar will focus on Paper 2 Cognition and Behaviour.

The session will provide essential tips on what the examiners are looking for and pitfalls to avoid, from an experienced senior examiner’s point of view. There will be opportunities  to ask questions and students will leave the session fully motivated to revise, and feel properly prepared for the exam. The sessions will give you the opportunity to strengthen your understanding of how best to use your knowledge of topics such as Social Influence and Neuropsychology in the 2020 Paper 2 examination.


  • Access exam technique tips to support you in preparing to achieve the very best results
  • Gain in-depth understanding of the most challenging areas such as The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and Penfield’s study of the interpretive cortex.
  • Obtain top level strategies for producing excellent answers to the extended questions
  • Focus on top mark band requirements for theories of depression and addiction
  • Avoid common faults and mistakes from Paper 2 sat in June 2019


All students of AQA GCSE Psychology


Topic 1:  Explanations of Social Influence on our behaviour

  • Factors effecting conformity, obedience, pro social and crowd behaviour
  • Addressing exam questions on social influence such as“Explain how social factors such as task difficulty affect conformity to majority influence”“Using an example from social influence explain what is meant by the term deindividuation”
  • The opportunity to receive guidance from experts with examining experience.

4.15pm – Topic 2: The relationship between language thought and communication

  • Human and animal communication
  • Honing skills to gain high marks in exam questions on language thought and communication such as“Outline the procedure from Von Frisch’s bee study” “Outline differences in personal space including culture and gender”

4.30pm – Topic 3: The influence of brain and neuropsychology on behaviour

  • Structures and functions of the brain
  • Sample exam questions on brain and neuropsychology such as “What is meant by Localisation of function?”“Describe the function of the temporal lobe”
  • Exam techniques and tips

4.45 pm – Topic 4: Psychological problems and our mental health

  • Theories and therapies for depression and addiction
  • Addressing exam questions on psychological problems such as“Evaluate biological explanations of depression”“Explain how self-management programmes can improve mental health”
  • What the examiner wants to see

5.00pm – Final tips

Ali Abbas

Ali is a regular speaker at Educational Conferences and has been providing INSET to schools and colleges nationally, and now internationally since 2003 and was a key speaker at the Visible Learning World Conference, Edinburgh 2019 and the Aspire Psychology Conference, Dubai 2019. Ali is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (FCIEA) and is a published author at A level and GCSE Psychology. He has taught for nearly 20 years and was a Principal Examiner with 13 years’ experience in writing Psychology exam papers and awarding grades for a major exam board, he was also part of the team that wrote the current A level specification.