Friday 23 April 2021
Tuesday 06 July 2021

CODE: 8128


This webinar will provide detailed support for those studying the set text ‘Blood Brothers’ for AQA GCSE Drama Component 1. The session will unpick the written examination assessment objectives, for both performance and design, and demonstrate how to get the best answers. In addition, the webinar will tackle individual questions demonstrating how top band answers have achieved their marks. The session will support centres in achieving high quality answers and therefore, top band marks. A comprehensive resource pack is also issued, including exemplar responses and support documents for both students and staff.


  • Develop a range of successful ways of answering each question in Section B on ‘Blood Brothers’
  • Gain an increased drama vocabulary that can be used in the examination
  • Session specifically tailored to support with Blood Brothers set text
  • Improved understanding of how to access the top bands by exploring the assessment objectives
  • Take away excellent resources and exemplar materials
  • Gain insight into what AQA examiners are looking for at the highest grades


  • All AQA GCSE Drama teachers using ‘Blood Brothers’ as their chosen set text


4.00 pm
Welcome, introduction and sound check

  • A reminder of the key points on answering on Blood Brothers

4.05 pm

Exploring the context of ‘Blood Brothers’

  • A recap of the context in which the play is set
  • An exploration of Willy Russel’s intentions when writing the play
  • Suggestions of how this wider understanding of the play’s context can be used to inform practical ideas for the set text

4.20 pm

Answering the 4 mark question

  • Ensuring that any design ideas are relevant to the context of the play
  • What do the examiners expect you to consider when writing as a designer
  • Maximising the marks achieved on this question in only 5 minutes
  • Exemplar answers: how to get full marks on the 4 mark question
  • Suggested structure for this question


Responding to the 8 mark question

  • Focusing on one line of text in a question
  • Ways to include a wide range of acting and vocal terminology
  • Ways of writing as a performer in order to achieve specific effects
  • Decoding the question to ensure you are meeting the exact demands
  • How to answer this question in under 10 minutes in the exam whilst still maximising the marks

4.40pm The challenges of the 12 mark question

  • Focusing on the shaded part of the extract effectively – how to do this in a structured way?
  • How to meet the requirements of the question in order to talk about interaction and spatial use
  • Ways of writing as a performer to achieve specific effects
  • How to answer this question in under 15 minutes in the exam whilst still maximising the marks
  • Examining exemplar answers: what makes them good?

4.50pm Responding to the 20 mark question

  • How best to prepare for the 20 mark question
  • Ways of preparing interpretations for the key characters in the play
  • How to write as a performer in order to realise your intended interpretation
  • Structuring the 20 mark question to maximise marks
  • Balancing your response to the printed extract and the play as a whole –what an effective answer looks like
  • Excellent answers on the 20 mark question: what the examiners want

5pm Final tips for success

  • Any questions

Georgina Ring

Georgina Ring is Head of Drama and Theatre Studies at LVS Ascot. She has been teaching AQA GCSE and A-Level for the past six years and her subject results for both courses last year were in the top 1% for value added
in the country. Alongside her teaching, Georgina is a tutor on The Ufton Drama Summer School, a gifted and talented drama programme for GCSE and A-level students.