DATE: Thursday 11 June 2020: 4pm (1hr)

Code: 7869


This webinar will provide detailed support for those studying AQA GCSE Drama Component 2. The session will enrich current devising practice – for both performance and design. In addition, the course will deconstruct the devising logs demonstrating how top band answers have achieved their marks. A comprehensive resource pack is also issued, including exemplar responses and support documents for both students and staff.


  • Develop a range of successful practical approaches to the devising process
  • Gain an increased drama vocabulary that can be used in the devising logs
  • Improved understanding of how to access the top bands by exploring the assessment objectives
  • Take away excellent resources and exemplar materials
  • Gain insight into what AQA examiners are looking for at the highest grades


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Practical and Devising Log Section 1

  • Getting started with a stimulus and how to document
  • Key ingredients needed for success (log)
  • Acting v Design
  • Exemplar responses

Practical and Devising Log Section 2

  • Refinement and development (practical)
  • Examples for practical and converting these to the log
  • Exemplar responses

Practical and Devising Log Section 3

  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Acting and design reflection
  • Building a critical response (process and final outcome)
  • Exemplar responses

Closing activity

  • Final tips for success


Mair Bull

Mair Bull has been in secondary teaching for over 15 years. She was Head of Drama for 9 years teaching KS3, GCSE and A-level Drama. Mair is a a moderator and examiner, a  guest lecturer for Manchester Metropolitan University, a writer and contributor for Drama for BBC Bitesize.