DATE: Thursday 17 September 2020: 4.30pm (1hr)

Code: 8127


Given the disruption to education, many teachers and students might be very concerned about gaps.

Focus Points
1. This webinar is designed to provide ways to accelerate progress in Devising, develop the skills
students need and get them to the place where they need to be by the end of autumn term
2. It will also give practical strategies on how to enrich current devising practice.
3. It also focuses on essential tips on what the examiners are looking for and pitfalls to avoid, and
how to support students in achieving highest marks for Component 2.

Course is split
1. Devising – the practical part.
2. The Devising Log.


  • Develop a range of successful practical approaches to the devising process
  • Gain an increased drama vocabulary that can be used in the devising logs
  • Improved understanding of how to access the top bands by exploring the assessment objectives
  • Take away excellent resources and exemplar materials
  • Gain insight into what AQA examiners are looking for at the highest grades


Introduction, welcome and sound check

Accelerating Progress in Devising

  • Sharing stimulus that have been successful in producing high quality devised work
  • Reviewing exemplar high mark and less high mark devising pieces on a range of themes
  • Ways for the teacher to guide the initial stages in devising to ensure the piece has enough
    dramatic potential
  • Suggested lesson structures to maximise the practical work produced during lesson time

Devising Log Section 1: Ensuring Students Conduct Relevant Research

  • Ways of ensuring that students conduct relevant research into their initial concept and how to
    integrate this into their devising log
  • Exploring how to shape initial aims and intentions in response to the stimuli
  • An overview of what the examiner is expecting to see in this section
  • Suggestions for how teachers can monitor the progression of this section of the log

Devising Log Section 2: Developing and Refining the Log

  • Supporting students to chart how they have developed and refined their devising ideas
  • Exploring ways of avoiding log entries that are ‘narrative’ or ‘diary-like’
  • Suggestions of how to integrate rehearsal strategies as part of the development of practical work
  • Encouraging students to update and refine both their individual aims and intentions and also those of the group as a whole

Practical and Devising Log Section 3: Final Performance Work

  • Supporting students in the analysis and evaluation of their final performance work
  • Encouraging them to make evaluative judgements of their own work based off of their intended outcomes
  • Ways for students to acknowledge their own contributions to the final performance
  • Summarising how their final aims and intentions differed from those discussed in section 1

Questions and final tips

  • Final tips for success
  • Questions

Georgina Ring

Georgina Ring is Head of Drama and Theatre Studies at LVS Ascot. She has been teaching AQA GCSE and A-Level for the past six years and her subject results for both courses last year were in the top 1% for value added
in the country. Alongside her teaching, Georgina is a tutor on The Ufton Drama Summer School, a gifted and talented drama programme for GCSE and A-level students.