The AQA GCSEs in English Language and English Literature are both challenging. Students of whatever ability need practice in assessment techniques and these are essential for success in the final exam. Both specifications require a substantial coverage of a range of skills to ensure the appropriate grades are achieved. These sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of the school and the students. The mock could be focused on either Paper One or Paper Two in English Language or English Literature or could be based on specific texts or specific skills such as reading or writing.  


  • In these sessions students will be carefully guided through the process of completing an English language or English Literature paper.
  • Each question will be meticulously broken down into achievable steps with clear examples and set timings for completion.
  • The walking, talking mock will be the answer to improving exam technique and subsequently your students’ overall GCSE grades.
  • This approach offers students the opportunity to build up their confidence. After all, practice makes perfect.
  • Although a walk and talk may not reflect the true experience of a real exam in the same way that other mocks would, it does provide students with the chance to become more accustomed to the process and the exam surroundings.
  • For many students, their worries stem from having to sit silently in a large hall. By practising in this environment in a supported way, a student’s confidence can often increase as their fears are replaced with familiarity.
DATE AND LOCATION In-school only
 COST Individually arranged
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  • Students preferably sit in the same exam room where they will do their exam, preferably in the same seats
  • Students are given an exam paper which is as close to being like the real thing as possible (i.e. exam writing booklet if relevant)
  • Students are literally walked through every question on the paper – the trainer leading the session talks them through the smallest steps, such as underlining key words, how to plan, things to remember etc.
  • Students then write their responses in timed conditions


The trainer can cover all manner of things during a walk, talk mock session to help guide students to success, such as:

  • Finding the focus of the question by highlighting the keywords
  • Considering the percentage of marks per question.
  • Working on careful time management.

Understanding the skills and methods required for each question and how to construct a successful answer.

Below is an example session covering AQA GCSE English Language Paper One.

09.00am– 09.30am
Introductory session

  • Introducing the paper, looking at the instructions, ensuring you have the correct equipment and looking at time management and profitable reading time. 

Each question is then looked at in turn with Examiner Tips and student respond to the question under exam conditions.

09.30 – 09.45am
Question 1

  • Reading to Interpret and how to list effectively

09.45 – 10.05am
Question 2

  • How to analyse language effectively from a 10 line text

10.05 – 10.25am
Question 3

  • How to analyse structure effectively across a whole text

10.25-11.00 am
Question 4

  • How to evaluate a text critically and give a personal response

11.00 – 11.15 am

11.15 am –12.15 pm
Ensuring effective creative writing skills

  • The choices to be made finishing with the students completing a 45 minute writing exercise from the paper under exam conditions.

12.15- 12.30pm
Final Top Tips

  • What have we learnt from today and how do we take this forward to the final exam?

Cost is individually agreed based on individual school requirements

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