DATESTuesday 12 November 2019 4pm (1hr)
Thursday 30 April 2020 4pm (1hr)

CODE: 7350


Provide your students on this popular AQA Paper 2 Section B option with specific guidance on how to boost their grade on the most difficult topics and question types. The session also provides practical guidance on how students might be best prepared for the Spanish Armada Historic Environment Study.

This webinar includes a set of notes which will be sent in advance for teachers to use with their students and which students will be able to use after the webinar to improve their examination revision.

This interactive webinar will provide your students with:

  • Practical tips on making complex and challenging topic areas more engaging and relevant
  • An understanding of how to approach interpretations with a focus on likely areas of debate
  • An appreciation of what ‘Importance’ means with a broader focus Elizabethan England as a whole
  • Clear guidance on how to apply their knowledge thoroughly, yet concisely
  • Ideas on how to manage their Spanish Armada studies effectively and tactically



Governing Elizabethan England

  • Interpreting the problem of marriage and succession
  • Explaining Parliament, the Royal Court and the Privy Council-why were they so important?
  • ‘The Only Way is Essex’- how did Elizabeth react to this troublemaker?
  • Using your great knowledge to please the examiner-how to get those high grades?

Building up to the Spanish Armada

  • Golden Age interpretations-how ‘convincing’ are they?
  • Explaining the importance of Catholic plots and rebellions
  • The origins of the conflict with Spain-can you write an account?
  • Understanding the impact of Elizabeth’s religious changes – how did the Puritans react?
  • The Spanish Armada – what might you expect on the final exam paper?

Huw Dickinson

AQA GCSE History Paper 2