DATE: Thursday 08 October 2020

CODE: 8026


This webinar is especially designed for Year 10/start of Year 11 GCSE AQA students to act as an review and refinement of  consolidation of the knowledge and skills developing in Year 10 that will be built upon in Year 11.

Emphasis will be on students’ maximising their marks in AQA GCSE Music by revising and practising the more difficult skills and terminology, developing strategies for contextual questions and extended response questions on AoS1 study piece (Haydn) so that students can approach the exam paper with confidence.


Review and refine skills and knowledge necessary for success in Section A of the exam paper.

  • Confidently tackle extended response questions, following expert guidance from an experienced teacher and examiner.
  • Practical strategies for retaining and applying knowledge on the Haydn study piece leading to success with the Section B questions.


4.00 – 4.05  pm Welcome and Introduction – Success with Component 1 Overview

4.05 – 4.30pm:  Success with section A

  • Refining skills and knowledge required for this section
  • Unfamiliar music – unpicking unfamiliar music questions – what to look out for, how to evaluate, key pointers, how to listen as a musician
  • The essentials in building extended vocabulary – unfamiliar listening and comparison question
  • Contextual questions – how you can prepare and the right technique in the exam
  • Analysing listening questions – where is a grade 8- 9 achieved or lost? What are the common errors and how to practice to avoid them.

4.25pm: Section B: Contextual Understanding Questions: Section B

  • What makes extended writing strong? How can we build up to this?
  • Looking at the depth of responses required at different levels, including grades 8 – 9
  • Making sure you know how to incorporate the Assessment Objectives in your response
  • Achieving quality responses – questions, question types, deciphering the question and planning the answer
  • Examples drawn from the Haydn Study Piece

5.00pm: Key Pointers in Tackling Dictation

  • Example dictation questions and examiner advice on dictation and how to tackle it
  • How performing and composing activities can help

5.15pm: Finish




Rachel Tustain

Rachel is an experienced examiner and Leader of Music, with seventeen years teaching and leadership experience in a range of different schools. She is a Principal Examiner, Subject Adviser and has been involved with CPD for teachers for several years as well as involvement in writing the new music specifications.