Monday 22 March 2021 – 4pm
Monday 19 April 2021 – 4pm

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Given the disruption to education, many teachers and students might be very concerned about gaps in foundational knowledge. This webinar is designed to help address these concerns by building on knowledge and skills developed in year 10, help encourage retrieval of knowledge and prime students for success in year 11. Its devised for all AQA GCSE psychology teachers and students.

This interactive webinar will provide essential tips on what the examiners are looking for and pitfalls to avoid, from an experienced senior examiners point of view. Students will gain insight on how to use their knowledge and understanding of key points on the Cognitive explanation and treatment for Depression to address the different types of exam questions.


  • Access exam technique tips to support you in preparing to achieve the very best results and set a grounding for similar questions found in Year 11 study
  • Consolidate and improve knowledge on one of the most challenging areas of Paper two – Cognitive explanation and treatment for Depression
  • Obtain top level strategies for producing excellent answers to short and longer exam questions on the Depression topic


All students of AQA GCSE Psychology

4.00 pm    Types and key features of Depression

  • Highlighting the differences and key features in each type of depression and understanding all the key terms to be able to use them accurately in the exam
  • Addressing exam questions on diagnosing unipolar depression and making sure the level of detail for the key symptoms is accurate and appropriate

4.20 pm   Theories of Depression – A Cognitive approach

  • Understand the key points of faulty thinking; negative schemas and attributions and how they all link together to explain depression from a psychological perspective
  • Addressing exam questions on evaluating this explanation of depression and how students can use research support and real-world applications to provide evidence for the theory in the exam

4.40 pm   Theories for Depression – Cognitive behavioural therapy

  • Understand the link between changing negative thinking and subsequent behaviour as the key element in CBT and how both client and therapist deal with irrational thoughts
  • Addressing exam questions on evaluating this treatment for depression and how students can use research support and individual differences to evaluate the treatment

5.00 pm   Final tips

Ali Abbas

Ali is a regular speaker at Educational Conferences and has been providing INSET to schools and colleges nationally, and now internationally since 2003 and was a key speaker at the Visible Learning World Conference, Edinburgh 2019 and the Aspire Psychology Conference, Dubai 2019. Ali is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (FCIEA) and is a published author at A level and GCSE Psychology. He has taught for nearly 20 years and was a Principal Examiner with 13 years’ experience in writing Psychology exam papers and awarding grades for a major exam board, he was also part of the team that wrote the current A level specification

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