Leadership comes from vision; strategy concerns the mechanisms by which that vision becomes reality. This new course is designed for all Heads of Music; it will encourage you to look at the qualities that make leadership effective and will help you work with others to develop outstanding leadership of your department.

The course will focus on leadership, the crucial importance of developing the Music curriculum to meet the new Inspection Framework, teaching and learning, target setting, monitoring and evaluating progress and attainment. It will also look at how your vision can be shared to promote an enabling curriculum that supports enquiry and curiosity as well as personal wellbeing and ultimately employability.

Led by a current Head of Department for Music, examiner and experienced teacher, the course will provide detailed focus on leadership, curriculum, teaching and learning and attainment.


  • Analyse how to evaluate and redevelop your current Music curriculum model
  • Gain the latest understanding of what is an outstanding subject leader of Music in the eyes of inspection teams
  • Explore how a Head of Department can model outstanding teaching and learning across the department
  • Explore how to ensure alignment between curriculum, teaching and assessment
  • Develop successful tracking systems to show progress in teaching, learning and attainment
  • Explore ways to promote Music to your SLT and within a wider school context
DATES & LOCATION Online | Wednesday 11 November 2020
  • Heads of Performing Arts
  • Heads of Music
  • Teachers with responsibility for Music
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
  • A specially prepared folder of 50+ pages full of detailed notes, practical advice and guidance
  • Notes prepared by the educational experts leading the course
  • Expert produced PowerPoint presentations
  • CPD Certificate of attendance


10.00 – 11.00am
Leadership & Vision

  • Considering the qualities and skills of an outstanding Head of Music
  • Defining and building departmental vision
  • Reflecting upon and developing ways of approaching the key challenges faced by Heads of Music

11.00 – 11.15am
Discussion: coffee break

11.15 – 12.15pm
Creating a Rich Music Curriculum

  • Assessing your curriculum: creating a clear and coherent rationale
  • Reshaping thinking on your music curriculum to adapt to the radical change of approach needed
  • Developing an ambitious music curriculum at KS3
  • Curriculum design concepts such as knowledge progression and sequencing of concepts
  • Implementing the curriculum in the classroom

12.15 – 1.15pm
Leading Teaching and Learning for Music

  • What counts as high quality music teaching and learning, at all levels?
  • Strategies for establishing, maintaining and promoting high quality music teaching and learning
  • How a Head of Department can model outstanding teaching and learning
  • Teaching methods to improve listening and appraising knowledge and analytical skills
  • Developing strategies to engage all pupils

1.15 – 2.00pm
Lunch and informal discussion

2.00 – 3.00pm
Excellent Department Evaluation

  • Identifying gaps in your department and creating strategies to fill these
  • Strategies to ensure highest quality of teaching and highest level of student performance is upheld – analysing it, putting in place strategies to ensure standards don’t slip
  • Setting appropriate levels of challenge in your music department for all students

2.45 – 3.00pm
Discussion: afternoon tea

3.00 – 3.45pm
Creating a culture of creativity and challenge

  • Accessing the wide range of Music learning opportunities and resources to develop the department
  • Exploring ways to promote Music to your SLTs and within the school context
  • Managing change in the Music Department – inspiring and motivating all staff members in the new challenges and new opportunities

Rachel Tustain

Rachel is an experienced examiner and Leader of Music, with many years teaching and leadership experience in a range of different schools. Rachel has experience of leading outstanding Music Departments in a range of contexts as well as leadership across the Performing Arts. She has experience in teaching KS4 cohorts from 7 students to over 50, with exam results consistently excellent including 100% grade 4+ and 54% achieving grades 8 and 9 in Summer 2018. A level results are equally impressive; 100% grade C and above in 2018. Rachel is also a Principal Examiner and Subject Adviser for one of the main examining boards, BTEC Quality Nominee for her school and has been involved with CPD for teachers for several years.

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