Tuesday 22 September 2020 3.30 pm (1 hour)

Code: 7641


Suitable for students and teachers: Helping student’s progress successfully from Year 11 to Year 12.

This year, more than ever, there is a need to support students to successfully make the challenging transition from GCSE to A level. We are delighted to present this webinars designed to ensure your new A level cohort will start their course of study with a head start. The webinar will help consolidate and refresh content many students may not have seen for many months, whilst filling gaps in their GCSE knowledge assumed for accessing A level content. Written by an expert course leader this includes will practice exercises that will allow you to make an early assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

This webinar includes a set of notes, which will be sent in advance for students to assist in bridging any gaps in their knowledge before proceeding to A Level study in Year 12.


  • All students taking AQA A-level PE


This interactive webinar will provide you with:

  • A designated approach for students to use in ensuring there are not significant gaps in knowledge as a result of lost contact time.
  • Specific strategies to encourage students to progress and cement their knowledge in specific areas.
  • A set of notes, guidelines and activities that can be used by students studying at home
  • Particular focus on linking what has been learnt and what is going to be learned.


3.30 pm Welcome

3.30 – 3.45 Overview of the key areas from GCSE that students should focus on to make the successful transition to an A level student.

3.45 – 4.00 Key skills that would have been useful in the GCSE examinations that need to develop further for A Level PE success. Developing extended question success and the importance of 8 and 15 mark questions at A level.

4.00- 4.15 Particular focus on key topics, including ways to remember information and how to prepare for further study. Interactive tasks to engage students.

4.15- 4.30  Key skills and how to continue to prepare between now and September.

Ross Howitt

Ross is Principal Moderator and Coursework Advisor for a major exam board. He has managed a strong team of teachers in one of the country’s largest and most successful providers of A Level Physical Education and brings a wealth of experience to this course. Ross has a strong reputation for delivering focused and informative INSET courses and is a regular provider of articles and information to a number of educational periodicals. He provides educational consultancy in schools/ colleges around the country.

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