Tuesday 15 June 2021

CODE: 8032


Evaluating the baseline as students begin y12, instigating restorative action and ensuring that all students have established a common standard for easy transition. Reengaging an academic and focused approach to the subject in preparation for immediate success in y12.


  • The quick acquisition of the precise skills pertinent for an outstanding start to  y12
  • Building confidence in the leap. Demystifying transitions and developing a clear skills based programme of development
  • Perfect the learning of specific subject knowledge using proven and highly successful techniques focused on supporting argument in AO1 AO2 and AO3


4.00 – 4.05pm
Welcome and Introduction 

4.05 – 4.25pm
Developing the skills that examiners know produce success from the first day of A Level study

  • Effectively establishing the skills that GCSE students have learned so far and linking these to the demands of each of the AOs at A Level
  • Breaking down the skills into manageable and achievable units so that students know what to aim for in each month. Developing a coherent programme of skills progression
  • The role of indicative content and how to ensure that argument and evaluation demanded in the AOs remains central to A level learning

4.25 – 4.50pm
Unlearning the assumptions of GCSE 

  • Developing a sophisticated understanding of bias and utility in source work addressing the most common and intransient misapprehensions carried over from GCSE
  • Techniques for removing the fear factor and developing the academic confidence driving Level 4 and Level 5
  • Models of effective critique appropriate to the beginning months of A level as part of a programme leading to outstanding outcomes by the end of A Level study

4.50 – 5.00pm
The challenge of breadth and the factual mentality 

  • How to integrate the key questions and the Paper Two Spec introductions to an effective learning regime in Y12
  • Structuring learning and revision to ensure the focus is plainly on exam skills form the outset of the A Level course
  • Examples of best practice in engaging study and defeating the simple acquisition of knowledge. Learning for a purpose

Keith Milne

Keith has over 25 years teaching and examining experience. He is a Senior Moderator with a major exam board and has authored and advised on a series of popular books including those detailing how to succeed with the NEA. He leads a number of courses exploring the routes to success at A Level History.