Tuesday 19 January 2021 – 4pm
Tuesday 06 April 2021 – 4pm

CODE: 7943


This focused student webinar will break down how students can write a strong extended response in component 3 and 4 of A Level Music Technology. Led by James Reevell, author of resources for the music technology course, examiner and head of department in a large sixth form college, the webinar will explore common pitfalls students experience when writing to compare or evaluate, and how to use feedback from previous exam series to address these issues. It will break down what students need to do to gain AO4 marks and to achieve a top band answer for the extended response part of these written components.


  • Building skills in comparing two tracks using appropriate music technology terminology
  • Evaluating the wider impact of technology: putting technical theory into context and what the examiner is looking for in a top-band answer
  • Preparing to evaluate a mixing scenario, picture or diagram for the analysing and producing paper; feedback from previous exams and what you need to do to address each aspect of the question to gain AO4 credit


4:00pm: Welcome and Introduction

4:05pm:  Component 3, Question 5 – Comparing two tracks  

  • Scaffolding a comparison – areas of music technology to consider to fully address the mark scheme and all aspects of the question
  • AO3, AO4 and impact – how these work in context and how to avoid missing opportunities to gain AO4 marks
  • The exam question – what the examiner is expecting to see for high marks in the comparison question
  • Improving your skills in critical listening and using appropriate terminology for exam success

TAKE AWAY TASK 1: Two practice comparison questions and student-friendly mark schemes

4:25pm: Component 3, Question 6 – Evaluating the wider impact of technology in relation to a track                    

  • Understanding the wider impact: strategies to evaluate the wider impact of an aspect of music technology on the music industry – moving from band 3 to band 5
  • AO3 and AO4 – how these relate to what you need to do to score highly
  • A framework for addressing the exam question – how to achieve top band responses for this question and what the examiner is expecting to see
  • Areas of focus: exemplar discussion for sampling and pitch correction – a marked commentary

TAKE AWAY TASK 2: Two practice evaluation / wider impact questions and student-friendly mark schemes

4:45pm: Component 4, Question 6 – Evaluating a scenario, diagram or piece of equipment

  • What would it sound like? Building evaluation skills through practical tasks and feedback from previous papers
  • What is the examiner expecting to see in an excellent question 6 response? How to critically analyse and demonstrate AO4 evaluation skills.
  • Expanding your points – how to gain further credit for your answers. Demonstrating your understanding to the examiner for top-band answer

TAKE AWAY TASK 3: Two practice evaluation questions and student-friendly mark schemes

James Reevell

James is currently Head of Music Technology at Greenhead College in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, which has a national reputation for academic excellence and has a large, thriving music department, delivering A Level Music and Music Technology along with BTEC Music Performance. James also is a consultant and advisor for Music and Music Technology across the UK, working with secondary schools and colleges to deliver CPD and to help with planning, resourcing, teaching and learning and assessment. James has worked as a Head of Visual and Creative Arts with responsibility for A Level courses in Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Music Technology at Rochdale Sixth Form College. The college was rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2013, and students’ progress in music technology was described as exceptional; the college has since topped the sixth form college performance tables for value added for the best part of a decade. James has authored revision and study guides for A Level Music, Music Technology and GCSE Music for Rhinegold Education and CGP Revision Guides. He delivers teacher training with a particular focus on Music Technology and popular music, alongside his commitments as an examiner. He also is co-director of ‘Flat Cap Brass’ who have a busy performance schedule at festivals, weddings and corporate events. James recently composed the soundtrack and series of ‘composers’ impressions’ for pioneering project ‘A Dark Tour of the Universe’, which premiered at the British Science Festival in September 2019.