This new conference is being offered to support students in either their GCSE or A level examinations and is delivered by highly regarded and expert Keynote conference leaders. Using effective methods based on psychological research, the conference focuses on effective revision approaches, how to apply memory improvement techniques, and all-importantly, preparing and dealing with examinations.

The conference can also be brought to you in-school as a full, or half-day session.


  • Gain practical strategies for effective revision approaches to boost your marks
  • Explore the best memory improvement techniques
  • Develop your expertise in constructing effective revision plans
  • Identify the key factors to making memory improvement effective
  • Dealing with exams – take away effective techniques to manage exam-related anxiety and stress
  • Hear from highly regarded experts working on this area in schools now
CONFERENCE DATE Available In-School only
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course

10.00am – 10.15am: Revision :What are the main challenges?

  • What are the key issues students have with revision?
  • What problems does this pose with linear examinations?
  • What are the common misconceptions that students have about revision and how can you overcome these

10.15am – 11.40am: What is effective revision?

  • What does Psychological research tells us about revision?
    •  How can this research help us improve results in linear exams?
    •  Why listening to Music does not work!
  • Practical strategies and advice you can implement with your revision plans to boost your marks

11.40am – 11.55am: Break


11.55am – 13.20pm: Applying memory improvement techniques to effective revision

  • Exploring the best memory improvement techniques
    •  Building your own memory palaces
    •  How to use your journey to school to help improve your revision
  • Practical application of these techniques to construct effective revision plans through demonstration
  • Identifying the key factors to making memory improvement effective
  • Practice how to implement them successfully with your own revision

13.20pm – 14.05pm: Lunch


14.05pm – 15.30pm: Creating a revision mindset and dealing with exams

  • Examining the importance of mindset for successful revision
  • Practical demonstration of techniques for managing exam-related anxiety and stress
  • Exploring self-directive learning – effective strategies to use in school and at home to improve your revision

James Paterson

James Paterson, UK Memory Champion and Head of Psychology at LVS Ascot, and has been ranked 16th in the world in overall memory competitions.

Richard Ebbage

Richard Ebbage, Head of Psychology and an expert in the research behind effective revision and how to explain this to pupils.

Ben Stephenson

Ben Stephenson is a Head of Sixth Form and Sport Psychology lecturer with a focus on helping students cope with the stress of exams and how to create a positive examination mindset.