Time and time again students that are excellent in lessons underachieve when it comes to exams. The new linear qualifications pose more challenges to both staff and students. How do we get students to memorise and apply all their knowledge skills from the duration of the course? How can we best prepare our students both throughout the course and also in the critical period prior to exams? Importantly how do we know that our students are mastering the content of the course and how we can drive progress for all? This new course provides practical advice and strategies to assess progress, embed deep learning and reinvigorate your approaches to revision.


  • Explore the specific challenges facing students in PE

  • Develop strategies for revisiting and assessing prior learning throughout the course

  • Practical advice for activities to maximise performance after you have finished teaching the syllabus

  • Improve assessment and feedback techniques used to ensure mastery of the course content

  • Improve the independence of your students and look at approaches to encourage students work outside of the classroom

  • Explore how activities can be used to stretch all learners


“Excellent course, good resources and discussion points. Good to discuss similar experiences/queries with other teachers.” – Denstone College, Friday 18th November 2016


COURSE DATE London, Tuesday 06 June 2017
WHO FOR?  Heads of PE
Teachers of PE
IN-SCHOOL You can also book this as an In-School Course
Detailed notes On-line materials
Powerpoint presentations CPD Certificate
 High quality training facilities Sit-down buffet lunch



10.00 – 10.20am: The human brain and memory

  • What are the specific revision challenges in Linear courses?

10.20 – 11.20am: Revisiting prior learning throughout your course

  • How and when to revisit course topics
  • Making use of the same examples
  • Teaching Synopticity
  • Triangulating teaching and Learning

11.20 – 11.35am: Break


11.35 – 12.45pm: Driving progress once the syllabus is complete

  • Understanding student learning styles
  • Personalisation of the course – RAG rating and PLCs
  • Teaching a growth mindset
  • Developing complexity in exam answers

12.45 – 1.45pm: Lunch


1.45 – 2.30pm: Assessment, feedback and Mock exams

  • Varying revision formats – homework, presentation, group work, past papers
  • The importance of feedback
  • Listening to understand
  • Using exemplar materials and examiner reports

2.30 – 3.00pm: Effective differentiation in revision

  • Creating buddy groups
  • Same question different outcomes
  • Challenging progress
  • Student centred revision

3.00 – 3.10pm: Break


3.10 – 3.40pm: Improving the value of students independent learning

  • Teaching independent learning throughout the course
  • Study smarter not harder
  • Revision strategies and memory techniques
  • Make learning fun – creating memory connections

James Bennett

James Bennett is an experienced teacher of 17 years. He is currently Subject Leader in an ‘Outstanding’ department with consistently high results. He has led departmental, cluster school and whole school training on both subject and general teaching topics.